• Warped Tour 2008 band lineup released!!! Who's going?

    22 Feb 2008, 21:21 de LANjackal

    UPDATE: I found out today that I have to work the day of Warped Tour, so I won't be making it after all. I guess you guys'll have to tell me how it goes ;)

    The 2008 Vans Warped Tour band lineup has been released HERE.

    I've never been to Warped Tour before for a variety of reasons, most of which boiled down to to time and interest. Back when I had the time and the money, I wasn't interested in that type of music. Or at least not interested enough to pay to see it live. When I finally became interested enough, my schedule got in the way. I'm hoping that doesn't happen this year, as I think I should be on vacation the week it comes into my neck of the woods. Emphasis on the think part. I actually just phoned my boss to confirm that before I started writing this but he wasn't in office. We'll see.

    This year, I think the lineup is pretty stellar. Below are the bands I know and what I think of them:

    All That Remains: One of the best true American metalcore acts…