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Aesthetic Perfection


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Aesthetic Perfection es un proyecto musical americano de Electronic-Industrial-EBM.

Creado por Daniel Graves en el año 2000.

Este proyecto también ha sido clasificado dentro de los géneros aggrotech, industrial, dance music, aunque tiene cierta inclinación hacia el future pop y la musica mas alternativa.

Este tiene firma con varias disqueras como son Bractune Records en USA, Out of line en Europa y mas recientemente con Gravitator Records en Russia.

Cuenta con una discografía amplia en la cual no sólo hay música propia sino remixes a varios artistas.

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  • Inamourada

    Hope to see you back in Finland someday. :)

    18 Jun 13:38 Responder
  • hearrtsodarrk

    That being said, Daniel <3 I hope you can play a variety from all your albums, this will be my first opportunity to see you perform live, and seeing AP has been one of the top on my concert bucketlist so I'm crossing my fingers that you can play a couple old tracks! See you @ the Highline.

    5 Jun 15:14 Responder
  • hearrtsodarrk

    Been a long time fan, and although your overall sound has evolved throughout your album releases I learn to appreciate them all individually for their quality, those who expect to hear the same work or see the same art from an artist A) clearly don't understand psychology (and if anyone is still lost go sign up for a Psych101 class I don't have the patience to be your damn wikepedia) B) Need to put the original CD back in the player and play it, then STFU. Very rarely does a musician develop a consistent sound or ambiance without becoming incredibly stale, I've been a fan plenty of artists and as they released new albums I listened but I obviously have my favorites and then there are the few that unfortunately I just did not enjoy the newer music, that's when I MOVE ON AND BRANCH OUT TO FIND MORE MUSIC, ARTISTS THAT SOUND LIKE WHAT I FEEL I'M MISSING. I don't proceed to BASH the artist and waste my time ranting and bitching on social networks/writing letters etc.

    5 Jun 14:48 Responder
  • Herzklang

    ♥ Daniel ♥

    4 Jun 22:17 Responder
  • inflikkt

    its amazing how many people got butt hurt over my opinion of the shit new aesthetic perfection garbage (and simultaneously how many friends i made who completely agree and were glad someone finally said something about it. lol) i have nothing against innovation, but a violent emotion sounded nothing like every other aggrotech band as you describe. it was quite varied and diverse and inspiring. at least those songs still get respect in the clubs while the new trash is discarded.

    3 Jun 8:44 Responder
  • walk-with-evil

    we just posted Aesthetic Perfection photos on our site at feel free to check them out also please ""like"" our page thanks.

    1 Jun 6:12 Responder
  • death--pierceme

    "AP has never claimed to be dark electro or industrial, these are just labels fans have stuck on them and to be honest it's stupid how many sub genres we keep making up as music fans to describe what we listen to as if it were an exact science. Electronic music is about as simple as it gets to describe AP, After four albums that is the common theme, he just chooses to draw upon all sorts of influences to combine into what he makes." [2]

    25 May 6:03 Responder
  • death--pierceme

    Lol @inflikt you can't speak, Daniel is unaffected by your mindless spam and opinions; perhaps you can just listen to the first album and be happy with the generic sound that's exactly like every other aggrotech band. How dare a band goes out of their way to make music for expression and self-improvements? It's so awful they're experimenting and breaking limitations and expectations! Haha.

    25 May 6:02 Responder
  • LiamEBM

    Favourite musician and has been since the first release. Diversity, range and overall artist merit all successfully achieved. Glad there's a change in sound, A Violent Emotion is a great album but I wouldn't have wanted another. Excited for future works. Hoping for a NR cover, not gonna lie.

    9 May 15:59 Responder
  • Aster666

    30 Abr 4:06 Responder
  • Inamourada

    One of my favorites.

    24 Abr 17:10 Responder
  • LowTechMan

    dark bieber electro

    15 Mar 12:17 Responder
  • damik

    I like Faderhead, but he's arguably even less industrial than AP...

    10 Mar 19:31 Responder
  • Hologram_Jam

    New album is great! Nice work Daniel!

    2 Mar 23:12 Responder
  • digyourowngrave

    I love reading people's butthurt on here. If you don't like his new stuff stick to the old one, problem solved. I don't know what you want to accomplish by crying and whining. It won't change Daniel's mind about the music he makes so pipe down. Also if he kept making the same shit you would cry how boring and unoriginal he is. You can never satisfy people.

    26 Feb 0:20 Responder
  • inflikkt

    this band is complete garbage now. first 2 cds were exquisite but since they signed to metrop they just wana make gaypopindust garbage. total shit. signed, ex-fan

    20 Feb 6:54 Responder
  • FreeMHZ


    17 Feb 18:35 Responder
  • synkro

    Personally, I loved Necessary Response exponentially more than Aesthetic Perfection, but that doesn't diminish my liking of AP any. Whether you like the new album or not isn't really of any consequence, because for every lost fan, there's a new one made that liked a predominantly different genre. Complaining about it on a website that in no way will be noticed, is just beyond ridiculous, as it's not going to change anything. If you don't like it, stop listening to it, and play something you do like. Time to grow up, kids.

    17 Feb 6:04 Responder
  • damik

    It's not fucking latin jazz, either; it's just a solid, immaculately produced, alternative pop album.

    16 Feb 17:01 Responder
  • brunomoonchild


    15 Feb 3:28 Responder
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