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A Winged Victory For The Sullen


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A Winged Victory for the Sullen es una colaboración entre Adam Wiltzie (miembro de Stars of the Lid) y Dustin O’Halloran.


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  • Lucyfier

    Atomos IV is surely available as DLC.

    Ayer 10:19am Responder
  • naturalway

    atomos IV is the biggest conspiracy of the year

    22 Nov 11:32 Responder
  • vinnidp

    Atomos, holy fuck

    16 Nov 13:12 Responder
  • Nekrovoor

    Beautiful sounds.

    11 Nov 20:41 Responder
  • HopeFailsLM

    Lovin' the new stuff.

    11 Nov 6:06 Responder
  • AmbientDowntemp


    1 Nov 22:07 Responder
  • SiMonvmentvm

    Where is IV

    30 Oct 23:51 Responder
  • Bonelesss

    the beauty of atomos VI is breathtaking.

    27 Oct 10:13 Responder
  • vibrationofsoul

    Atoms is breathtaking. Seeing them live will be an experience and a half

    26 Oct 22:40 Responder
  • arcania

    Boiler Room brought me here — beautiful.

    23 Oct 2:06 Responder
  • clearskies

    Head over to Boiler Room and watch AWVFTS's performance from 20th October.

    21 Oct 17:41 Responder
  • rewinddude

    Do yourselves a favour and see these guys live!

    18 Oct 20:09 Responder
  • nevary

    when gods collide.

    16 Oct 20:42 Responder
  • m-saIami

    Agreed on the fact that it's not an "album" but more a compilation. I have nearly no classical-release experience btw. Each track as a standalone is good... Atomos IX is the gem !

    7 Oct 20:42 Responder
  • scomatsho

    v you can't eat food with your mind silly

    7 Oct 15:49 Responder
  • Derek-H

    Let's not forget that Atomos was commissioned as a performance piece, whereas the S/T was written to stand alone as an album. I love the way Atomos turned out, but that's just food for thought.

    7 Oct 13:55 Responder
  • TristanLR

    Following up the self-titled album - which I presumed would just be a one-off - was going to be a difficult feat. I agree with some of the points touched on by neckermanncj (below) that Atmos relies a little more heavily on neo-classical elements, but I'd add there's a very strong American minimalist influence on several tracks (Reich, Adams, Glass) as well as synth textures featuring more prominently than on s/t. I've had three listens through so far and despite it being utterly beautiful, well composed and thoughtfully structured over the span of the record, I'm not feeling the otherworldly whack that their first record delivered; there was something about the arrangements, mood, their duration and beguiling ambiguity on s/t that utterly captivated me.

    7 Oct 13:05 Responder
  • neckermanncj

    Atomos is good, but not as good as their s/t. The first album blended ambient and neo-classical so perfectly. Plus it flowed so well from track to track. Atomos is more neo-classical than it is ambient, which is fine, but it doesn't have that balance like the first one did. Every track is named "Atomos #" because each track is more stand-alone and doesn't really flow as an album. The last song on Atomos just sort of ends, without something as memorable like "All Farewells Are Sudden." Atomos is by and large the best record of the year but just isn't as good as their s/t.

    5 Oct 17:00 Responder
  • ProfYaff

    Liner notes say "Whatever happened to IV"

    5 Oct 12:59 Responder
  • m-saIami

    There's no Atomos IV?

    2 Oct 18:20 Responder
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