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13 Mg.



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  • DieSich

    Love this project:)

    17 Jun 2011 Responder
  • LaughingInsanty

    lolwut? @ below. Most "Industrial Rock" and "Industrial Metal" bands have nothing Industrial about them. Most of the bands that got labeled (at least ten years after the fact) DO have Industrial elements to them. This is one of those bands. All that being said, I've seen Cyanotic as being labeled as "New Coldwave", and there are certainly bands around now with a similar sound... not that 13mg REALLY sound all that different from any Coldwave band from back in the day. Sure they're awesome, but they still fit the sound to a T. At least their first album (and Drag, which, imho, has all the best of the best songs off the first album on it). I'm buying the second album right now and reading that it was a bit different and has a lot less of the Industrial elements.

    13 Sep 2010 Responder
  • blargasaurus

    please don't confuse "coldwave" or "machine rock" with this band. Those terms apply to a cliche of bands from Seattle/NY who got lost in the shuffle when the 90's "Industrial Rock" genre was hot. Sure, some of them got video game sound tracks,Tv shows "later on", but none of them could touch this band live,and fell by the wayside when these guys were onstage. It helps having Grammy winning musicians onboard, I'm not sure if any of those Seattle/NY bands have one of those? "Nu-Metal", hehe, you must have mistyped or something, that's a post-millennium phrase,and your looking for "Evanescence". This band was at the top of their game, and had it not been for a series of unfortunate events,would still be making music now. You've been schooled, by a teacher who was around it all. Your "Slipdisc" reference, way off too. Your average is starting to suck around here nymphomation ;)

    24 Jun 2010 Responder
  • TheBlackRaven87

    another very nice coldwave band. woot? both albums fully streamable on only listened to the songs "Spree" and "Four Speed", both are awesome. both albums were released on Slipdisc Records (which I know 'cause of the great Atonement V2.0 from Final Cut) so 13 Mg. will be very promising for me I think.

    19 Mar 2010 Responder