Bahasa Palus (4:02)

Carátula de 大河アニメ 刀語 劇中楽曲集 其ノ壱

De 大河アニメ 刀語 劇中楽曲集 其ノ壱

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  • codenamestrike

    Context-wise, though this is based on my assumptions on the song title itself: "Palsu" would be the correct spelling instead of "Palus", especially if the original track was worded as "バハサ パルス" (which most would read as "Bahasa Palus", hence my understanding of this) when it actually is supposed to be spelled as "Palsu." Explanation: The title doesn't make sense when translated into a language I am familiar with (Malay in my case). "Bahasa" is a valid word in that language (meaning "language"), but I can't find an entry for "Palus" that would make sense from the dictionary. Considering the song itself contains words that actually sounds nothing but gibberish even when considering dialects and aboriginal language, then it would've made sense the romanization for this track to be made as "Bahasa Palsu" (lit. meaning "fake language" ). Just my two cents. Ignore if you wish.

    2 Nov 2012 Responder
  • Quizzman

    Awesome track

    29 Abr 2012 Responder

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