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Kanon Wakeshima (分島花音) es una cantante y chelista japonesa, nacida en 1989. Desde los 3 años fue instruida en el chelo, y ya terminando sus estudios secundarios comenzó a escribir su propia música. En mayo del año 2008 lanzó su primer single, «still doll», producido por Mana (Malice Mizer) y utilizado como ending para el anime Vampire Knight.


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  • GR9

    I miss old music. :( [2]

    3 Ago 9:50 Responder
  • jroxyjrock

    I miss old music. :(

    4 Jun 18:28 Responder
  • IchinomiyaKanon

    I love both RIGHT LIGHT RISE and Mayday!

    9 May 13:35 Responder
  • celloria

    WOW, RIGHT LIGHT RISE's b-side "Mayday!" really SURPRISED me so much :O her hard rock is not usually xDD

    5 May 16:12 Responder
  • celloria

    My only problem for her is that she sometimes kinda forced her vibrato in some songs that feel so out of place IMO. I didn't have problem with her new direction of her current music now, I like her lighter side for this :)

    5 May 15:22 Responder
  • forest-temple

    チョコレート is beautiful too. Makes me want her to make bossa music haha, like SAWA or something but with her trusty cello.

    2 Abr 1:17 Responder
  • forest-temple

    さんすくみ is SUCH a great song. I'm one of the Kanon fans that came in during her first 2 albums so of course I love those kind of songs than her stuff now, but さんすくみ is awesome. She sings in it like she used to sing for her older albums, a lot softer and more controlled, I love it :) But I'm so happy she's making the music she wants now. I'll always be a fan!

    2 Abr 1:14 Responder
  • IchinomiyaKanon

    New profile picture here!

    21 Mar 5:50 Responder
  • nashaa

    @IchinomiyaKanon, I think I will :). I may not be following her closely anymore, but I'll be sure to listen if she releases anything new.

    18 Mar 9:08 Responder
  • IchinomiyaKanon

    Ehh.....!? I think "killy killy JOKER" and "word's end, girl's rondo" are her big successes. *laugh* What about チョコレート and ナイチンゲール ? I think they're decent songs.

    18 Mar 4:31 Responder
  • gabrielsquall

    Celmisia and 黒猫とピアニストのタンゴ isn't dark, but is very good. Celmisia is very deep and have a great cello solo, is one of my favorite. 2nd album isn't dark and is very good, and the new album have awful singles, I don't know if it would be ok.

    18 Mar 2:43 Responder
  • IchinomiyaKanon

    I think Tsukinami has a weak tracklist. The "heart" songs seem a bit generic. But I think it fits the title "Tsukinami" (Mediocrity). I don't know if you listenned to short version of her other works like Pinocchio with Free Fall, Yoake 夜明け , odette or Ai no Aisatsu 愛の挨拶. All of them are very decent songs. It's a shame that this album has none of them. * Why, Kanon!? * Maybe she want to save them for a grand album, who knows? :) Please try her upcoming works if you have free time! I think you will like at least one of them!

    17 Mar 16:53 Responder
  • IchinomiyaKanon

    I personally don't think she really love those Gothic Lolita songs very much (sorry, I don't know how to call them XD ). She already have dark songs with her style (Both Nightingale ナイチンゲール and Chocolate チョコレートhave gloomy lyrics). I understand that some of her fans who have been following her since her debut feel odd... I admit that I felt so when I listenned to Foul Play ni Kurari (in 2012) and signal (in 2014) and I used to dislike those songs... But I tried to get familiar with them. I feel better after listening to them in the order of the tracklist. I always consider my acquaintance with Kanon is a destiny. So I won't give up on her easily. When Lolitawork Libretto was released, I almost replayed just Mana's songs but now, I am almost listening to Kanon's songs in that album.

    17 Mar 16:46 Responder
  • nashaa

    I know all that...I was a fan too, you know... . But calling her a doll just because she didn't have creative freedom is a bit...especially since she was a rookie, and Mana was, well, her producer (she wrote her lyrics tho, at least she had half? Lol). But I still like lolitawork. It's her latest work kind of fall short for me. I acknowledge her talent, but I can't help it if it's not my cup of tea.

    17 Mar 16:26 Responder
  • IchinomiyaKanon

    I saw many people complaining about Kanon's "bright" songs in Lolitawork Libretto. They were kind of "shocked" after listening to Princess Charleston, Heroine Syndrome and celmisia... Please remember that it was Mana who composed all of the songs in Shinshoku Dolce era. She wasn't even allowed to choose her style... Kanon's music doesn't need to be dark or alike to "Moi-dix-Mois". I hope her talent will be acknowledged by all of her old fans someday... P/S: Her last single "word's end, girl's rondo" and this album ツキナミ are totally produced by Kanon Wakeshima. Finally she achieved what she want to become to: a single, a cellist, a song writer, a producer. <3

    17 Mar 14:17 Responder
  • nashaa

    Where did you get the idea she was anyone's doll tho. There are a lot of artists producing other artist. Like Tsunku and Morning Musume, or Tommy and Amoyamo. Just like Mana and Kanon. And "goth loli" and "dark songs" are just a concept, and it happens to be a concept that I like from her *shrugs*. Good for her for doing well with tsukinami though

    17 Mar 11:21 Responder
  • IchinomiyaKanon

    She lost lots of her old fans but many people have become her new fans due to "killy killy JOKER" and "world's end, girl's rondo". Her newest album "Tsukinami" stays at the highest ranking, being the most successful album in her career. I love Shinshoku Dolce and Lolitawork Libretto but I'm tired of Mana's songs. I don't want her being a doll of anyone anymore. "Kanon Wakeshima" doesn't mean "Goth Loli" or "dark songs".

    17 Mar 5:42 Responder
  • nashaa

    I don't like the album at all D:. I think this will be the last album that I'm following her, my interest in her has been slowly dwindling. I wish her luck and success in future endeavours. And I'll just keep replaying shinsoku dolce and lolitawork libretto instead.

    16 Mar 19:19 Responder
  • gabrielsquall

    I will listen to it later,, the new songs seem to be good, but the singles was awful.

    6 Mar 2:42 Responder
  • Pretsy

    The change was very welcome imho.

    5 Mar 13:49 Responder
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