• New Releases - Maestro Subgum / Stephanie Rearick Jr. / Etc.

    7 May 2013, 4:53 de uvulittle


    As always, here's some info about our recent and current releases.

    1. Maestro Subgum and the Whole Box Set
    2. Stephanie Rearick Jr. new CD Dreamworld and tour dates
    3. Black Dot
    4. Upcoming releases
    5. Thanks!


    1. Maestro Subgum and the Whole Box Set

    Music with Teeth for People with Gums...
    This fantastically creative rock/cabaret band out of Chicago is long gone, releasing their last album in 1995. Their eight studio albums have been out of print for way too long.

    To remedy that, Uvulittle Records has re-mastered and has re-released all the original albums plus previously unavailable live and studio material.

    We printed 100 numbered copies. Each box contains all 8 original Maestro Subgum and the Whole albums and a "Rares" CD containing some of the best of the previously unreleased tracks from the archive. Box buyers also get access to the on-line archive of live and unreleased recordings. The albums are also available individually and as downloads.
  • HoliDAY Update - Maestro Subgum, Juicy John, Stephanie Rearick, Jr., Ritt Deitz,…

    10 Dic 2012, 5:40 de uvulittle


    Big big big news!

    We are (finally@!) taking pre-orders for the Maestro Subgum box set at our website.
    Music With Teeth For People With Gums - Box Set

    Containing all eight original albums, this is the complete recorded works of Maestro Subgum and the Whole. We are making 100 numbered copies.

    The first six albums have been re-mastered. In most cases we were able to locate original reel-to-reel masters. In other cases, DAT. As an added bonus, we had to use production cassettes for a few seconds here and there.. The last two albums are straight-up re-issues.

    Box buyers also get a year long subscription to the Maestro archive. This is a collection of live shows and unreleased studio recordings available in a streaming archive on our website.

    We will ship this in a few mailings in order to get the music to you as quickly as possible. The first shipment will be no later than Dec 19. We expect to have most of the discs printed by then.

  • Maestro Subgum and the Whole - update and a song

    24 Mar 2012, 6:43 de uvulittle

    Lots happening..

    We have acquired a bunch of previously believed to be lost master tapes of the first albums. These were cassette-only releases and we had been working on cleaning up the best versions we had which were from used cassettes. We now have the potential (assuming the tape is still viable) to work from original masters. We'll know soon.

    Also, lots of photos, posters, lyric sheets, album art, news clips, etc has been flowing our way. We are slowly making sense of what we have and are scanning, scanning, scanning...

    And a couple vhs tapes we need to digitize.

    Meanwhile, we've been busy building a live concert (and unreleased studio) archive. We'll be using this to "crowdsource" the best material. Fans will be able to sign up to help evaluate and rate the live material we have in order to guide our process as we work on bringing this music to the public. We will be charging a small fee to participate and in exchange fans will get a discount on the…
  • Uvulittle Records looks to grow with Maestro Subgum reissues

    21 Feb 2012, 5:48 de uvulittle

    Nice piece at thedailypage.com about our uvu-tivities.
  • Special Edition 12 Podcast Music Broadcast

    5 Feb 2012, 1:51 de uvulittle

    In this special edition, label chief, Jon Hain, plays songs from all 3 of the Uvulittle Records releases from 2011. Also includes a sneak preview of the upcoming Maestro Subgum & The Whole re-release project.

    Uvulittle Records Podcast Broadcast - Episode 12

    Listen and learn!
  • New Stephanie Rearick Tracks

    29 Ago 2011, 6:58 de uvulittle

    Stephanie Rearick's new CD, Up The Wall can now be streamed at last.fm with the title track available as a free download. Check it out and let us know what you think.

    Up the Wall

    The full album will be available Sept 20 as physical cds and high quality digital.

    Enjoy music!

  • The Onion Decider: Strange Jukebox Indeed - Label Profile

    19 Nov 2008, 19:37 de uvulittle

    Madison's Uvulittle Records is an admittedly small operation: Mother Fool's owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick pretty much run it out of the coffeeshop's back office. That said, they've pulled together a bizarrely varied catalog since starting the label up in 1996. This profile includes 4 song streams to from 4 Uvulittle releases.

    Strange Jukebox Indeed: Four selections from Uvulittle Records