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Creado el: 9 Ene 2009
I started this group ages ago before it was the "cool" thing to do, they even told me j-Metal wasn't even a genre.... well i say Ha!

J-Metal (or often just “jmetal” without the hyphen) is the...

Shout your fave Jmetal bands on the forum or below - I'll add them to the list - Will add more as I go along...

++++ J-Metal / jmetal (Japanese Metal) DataBase ++++

(Added by "1NF3C")
Sigh, Moi Dix Mois, Malice Mizer, Galneryus, Blood Stain Child, Sex Machineguns, Dir en Grey, Serpent, X Japan

(Added by "Enkyori")
Concerto Moon, Onmyo-za

(Added by "ASSAX6")
Jurassic Jade

(Added by "JJK-san")
聖飢魔II, Anthem, Loudness, Show-Ya, Earthshaker, 浜田麻, Vow Wow, 44 Magnum, Aphasia, AREA51, Animetal, Ablaze, Abort Mastication, Aikaryu, Aion, Alhambra, Ark Storm, Avsolutized, Azrael, Back Drop Bomb, Barbatos, Bathtub Shitter, Bereaved, Blasdead, Blood, Boris, Canopus, Casbah, Catheline, Coffins, Colourfast, Conception Complex, Corrupted, Creepy Crawl, Dali, Deadly Spawn, Deathchurch, Defiled, Diprogram, Disconformity, Double Dealer, Edge Of Spirit, Electric Eel Shock, Exist†Trace, Eternal Elysium, Ezo (イーズィーオー), Fastkill, Flower Travellin' Band, Followbane, Funeral Elegy, Glossectomy, Gonin-ish (五人一首), Gorevent, Grief of War, Gun Dog, HeavensDust, Hellchild, Head Phones President, Hizaki Grace Project, Greenmachine, Ikd-sj, Infected Malignity, Infernal Revulsion, Intestine Baalism, Kadenzza, Kayoma-Sdyeane, Kill My Bleeding Smile, Lost Eden, lynch., Mastermind, Manipulated Slaves, Metal Safari, Metalucifer, Morbid aXe, Noism, Outrage, Pay money To my Pain, Phantasmogoria, Plastic Earth, Prophesia, Ritual Carnage, Rest In Gore, Sabotage Organized Barbarian, Sacrifice, Sand, Serpent, Shadow, Sigh, Skull Fuck, Sorrow Of Tranquility, Suicide Ali, Suns Owl, Tak Matsumoto Group, The Mad Capsule Markets, The Hate Honey, Tokyo Yankees, Trave, Tyrant, Versailles, Vomit Remnants, Wizard's Hymn, Zodia,

(Added by "KiRa-FsiFsiRi")
Unstraw, D'espairsRay, Renter En Soi

(Added by "youki_Hunter")
DeathScythe, Manierisme, Gallhammer

(Added by "jokengle")
Onmyouza / 陰陽座

(Added by "MelodyofSorrow")


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