How to Submit Tracks From Your iPod

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    • 8 Ene 2007, 17:20
    ForgottenLegend: This is one of the major reason for letting you choose your own playlist to sync from. The default is english, "Recently Played", but iScrobbler allows you to choose any Smart playlist to sync from - I'm pretty sure this is mentioned in the iPod setup instructions.

  • ah well... that must be a scrap of information i missed then :) well, couldn't hurt to bring it up one more time, eh?

  • damaged, i did what you said, and my scrobbler wont even track my itunes now.

    here's what happened--- after doing what you said, and it not tracking anything, i changed it back to VERB and it still wouldnt do it. so i deleted the program and downloaded it (version 1.2.2) again, with all original settings, changed it to 'recently played' and put it on TRACE. nothing happened, it just turned red. changed back to VERB and still nothing. just red.

    ..... dont have any idea what to do

  • and now to update that, ive got it working on TRACE, but my ipod tracks still show up on my itunes but not here.

    kinda back where i started haha

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    • 10 Ene 2007, 1:15
    lockatade: A red note means iScrobbler is tracking songs, but not submitting them because of some error. Please post some of your log.

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    • 10 Ene 2007, 3:29
    i guess i dont know what my log is.... i thought you meant recent tracks.

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    • 10 Ene 2007, 4:51
    Open the Console application, expand ~/Library/Logs and select "iScrobbler.log". It would also help, if you turned on TRACE logging in the prefs first.

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    • 10 Ene 2007, 6:21
    sorry to sound completely ignorant, but i dont know what you are talking about when you say the console application. and its on TRACE, it has been since it started working again for itunes.

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    • 10 Ene 2007, 16:09
    The Console application is a std. application that ships with Mac OS X allowing you to view log files. It's located in the /Application/Utilities folder.

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    • 10 Ene 2007, 17:54
    Followed instructions, nothing happens.

    My recently played list won't show the tracks i played on my iPod either.

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    • 10 Ene 2007, 18:12
    Rudeless: If your Recently Played list (in iTunes) doesn't show the tracks, then it's setup wrong and iScrobbler will never work until it does.

  • um mines not scrobbling it says "waiting for track..." for a really long time and im scared to auto sync because it says its gonna erase everything on my ipod...

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    • 11 Ene 2007, 5:29
    "waiting for track" is iScrobbler waiting for a track play from iTunes itself. iPod syncs don't show up as playing in the Now Playing field or the note menu by design. Also, it sounds like you have manual mode turned on (as that's what the "auto-erase" message comes from). Have you tried selecting "Update iPod" from the note menu? If you've set everything up correctly on your iPod for tracking recent plays and the correct playlist is selected in iScrobbler's prefs your iPod tracks should then submit.

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    • 11 Ene 2007, 6:01
    heres what i got. and tracks still update in itunes but not here

    [Jan 11, 2007 00:57:07 -0500]-[TRACE] Queue cleaned, track count: 0
    [Jan 11, 2007 00:57:32 -0500]-[TRACE] Volume mounted: {NSDevicePath = "/Volumes/Tyler Howell\U2019s iPod"; }
    [Jan 11, 2007 00:59:03 -0500]-[TRACE] iTunes notification received: Playing
    [Jan 11, 2007 00:59:03 -0500]-[TRACE] iTunes Data: (T,Al,Ar,P,D) = (Pardon Me,Make Yourself,Incubus,0,223)
    [Jan 11, 2007 00:59:03 -0500]-[TRACE] Firing sub timer in 116.00 seconds for track 'Pardon Me, Make Yourself, Incubus'.
    [Jan 11, 2007 00:59:03 -0500]-[VERB] Added 'Pardon Me, Make Yourself, Incubus'
    [Jan 11, 2007 00:59:03 -0500]-[TRACE] iTunesLastPlayedTime == 2007-01-11 00:59:03 -0500
    [Jan 11, 2007 01:00:59 -0500]-[VERB] Queuing track 'Pardon Me, Make Yourself, Incubus' for submission
    [Jan 11, 2007 01:01:00 -0500]-[INFO] 1 song(s) submitted...
    [Jan 11, 2007 01:01:00 -0500]-[TRACE] Tracks in queue after submission: 1
    [Jan 11, 2007 01:01:00 -0500]-[VERB] Submission result: OK
    [Jan 11, 2007 01:01:00 -0500]-[TRACE] Queue cleaned, track count: 0

  • yeah when i press update nothing happens...and i followed the instructions for the smart playlist thing its suppose to scrobble my recently played tracks from my ipod right?

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    • 11 Ene 2007, 6:42
    lockatade: There is no sync attempt before you start playing a song (Pardon Me) and once that song is submitted any tracks on an iPod are discarded. So, 1) Wait until your iPod is done syncing to start playing a track in iTunes, or 2) Your iPod is in Disk or Manual mode, in which case you must wait for the sync to finish in iTunes and then tell iScrobbler that the sync is done by selecting "Update iPod" from the note menu. All before any song playing in iTunes is submitted.

  • ...

    Damaged, I'm having no tracks scrobbled from my iPod for two days now.

    I'm on iScrobbler 1.5b1.

    I have NOT played any tracks through iTunes.

  • what could it be?

    iScrobbler is finicky. Sorry but it's true. To avoid the occaision instance when the iScrobble logo on the info window just flashes to iPod icon and back again and doesn't send anything I've been restarting iTunes and iScrobbler before trying to update iPod to upload my Recently Listed songs. Like I said, it works sometimes so it's set up right. But lately, even with a full restart of programs, there's no dice. What is causing this?
    Intrigued and annoyed

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    • 11 Ene 2007, 13:57
    basically, after about 2 days of scobbling sucessfully, my songs stopped being submitted.
    I then downloaded 1.2.2 and for a day it worked but now its not.
    do i need to keep upgrading to ensure my tracks get submitted or is there another problem.
    i deleted 1.2.1 before i downloaded 1.2.2 so this is isnt happening because i have two iScrobble programs running

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    • 11 Ene 2007, 16:35
    For the thousands of iScrobbler users, the majority have no problems with iPod subs. I would guess most of those are using auto-sync. I will agree that manual mode sync support is finicky, but there's not much I can do about that as it relies on too many externals that only you as the user knows - so to get manual sync working you have to play around until you find the right combo that works for you. If you don't want to mess with any settings (other than picking a sync playlist), then turn on auto-sync in iTunes and turn off disk mode.

    Also, I can't really help much with such limited info (as in the last few posts in this thread). If you have a problem, you need to describe in exacting detail what you attempted and how you attempted it. You also need to provide relevant log info (preferably with TRACE logging turned on in the prefs).

    As I've said many times (and has then been subsequently proven) 95% of iPod sync problems are do to a bad iTunes setup and/or playing songs before syncing the iPod.

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    • 12 Ene 2007, 5:52
    damaged, did what you said... still nothing here but updated on itunes

    [Jan 12, 2007 00:47:05 -0500]-[TRACE] Queue cleaned, track count: 0
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:13 -0500]-[TRACE] Volume unmounted: {NSDevicePath = "/Volumes/Tyler Howell\U2019s iPod"; }.
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:13 -0500]-[TRACE] -[iScrobblerController(iScrobblerControllerPrivate) syncIPod:]:135 -- syncIpod: called: script=0x55452e0, sync pref=1
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:13 -0500]-[VERB] syncIPod: Requesting songs played after '2007-01-12 00:48:48 -0500'
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:14 -0500]-[ERR] syncIPod: iPodUpdateScript returned error: "No Matching Tracks" (0)
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:38 -0500]-[TRACE] iTunes notification received: Playing
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:38 -0500]-[TRACE] iTunes Data: (T,Al,Ar,P,D) = (Dazed and Confused,The Best Of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1,Led Zeppelin,0,387)
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:38 -0500]-[TRACE] Firing sub timer in 198.00 seconds for track 'Dazed and Confused, The Best Of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1, Led Zeppelin'.
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:38 -0500]-[VERB] Added 'Dazed and Confused, The Best Of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1, Led Zeppelin'

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    • 12 Ene 2007, 19:04
    lockatade said:
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:47:05 -0500]-[TRACE] Queue cleaned, track count: 0

    Here, iScrobbler's submit queue has been cleaned after a submission.

    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:13 -0500]-[VERB] syncIPod: Requesting songs played after '2007-01-12 00:48:48 -0500'
    [Jan 12, 2007 00:48:14 -0500]-[ERR] syncIPod: iPodUpdateScript returned error: "No Matching Tracks" (0)

    Now a minute later you attempt to sync your iPod. The sync script is looking for tracks played after: '2007-01-12 00:48:48 -0500' which, oddly is about 40 seconds into the future according to the log timestamps. And of course, "No Matching Tracks" is returned.

    So, as I said before, you need to sync your iPod before you (or anyone else using your computer) plays something in iTunes. According to the log, you are not doing this. I'd also check your computer clock and the clock on your iPod as something sees off there.

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    • 13 Ene 2007, 23:14
    Firstly, let me explain the context of my situation:

    The PCs at my office are imaged, so that every time they're restarted they revert to their original state. They run Windows XP and have iTunes 6 installed. I've tried unsuccessfully to install iTunes 7 on numerous occasions, but it refuses to work properly without a restart, which is pointless because the PC is imaged. Normally, I'll plug in my 5g iPod and listen to the music on my iPod through iTunes. For example, the other day I listened to the Bravery's self-titled album in its entirety. Here's how it appeared on my "Recently Played" playlist (I update manually):

    After leaving work, I'll listen to my iPod throughout the day. I listened to Franz Ferdinand and here's how it showed up on my playlist:

    Before going to bed, I'll connect my iPod to my MacBook Pro and select "Update iPod" from the iScrobbler menu.

    Here's where the problem arises. Here's the Franz Ferdinand album as reflected on my recently played chart:

    ...and here's the Bravery album:

    As you can see, only a portion of the songs played through iTunes 6 on my office PC appear on my recently played chart, as opposed to all of the songs appearing if they're played on my iPod itself. This isn't a huge problem, only a minor irritation. If there's a solution to this, then great, but I'm actually more curious about why this is happening in the first place.

    Oh, other important info:
    Running iScrobbler 1.2.2 on Mac OS X 10.4.8 with iTunes 7.0.2

    Thanks. :)

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    • 14 Ene 2007, 17:38
    damaged, i got it working. you are the man.


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    • 16 Ene 2007, 16:46
    dbritsrock17: I don't know what's going on there. I assume you don't have any software on your office PC - correct?

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