Favorite Band?

  • ladytron, joy division, peaches

    • nsotlar escribió...
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    • 13 Sep 2005, 15:45

    try with these..

    "ADICTA" (god bless you, as Norma Leandro says)

  • the faint

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  • Freak´n hard question but... here is my list!

    Some of my favorite swedish indietronic groups:

    *Radio Dept. - Kind of electronic but amazing in every sense! Beautiful and frail with melodies that make my surrender. Their "Lesser Matters" LP is a must.

    *The Embassy - They crush rock 'n' roll! Their Debut "Futile Crimes" from 2002 is one of my all time favorites. The sound, the songs, the attitude. Love it.

    *Lo-Fi FNK - Two lovable brats from Stockholm playing the shit out of their synthesizers and making sweet melodies and danceable rhythms.

    *Jmyhaze Beatbox - Two even more lovable brats but from Gothenburg. Underrated as hell! They should be ruling the world by now. Check out their cool site: www.beatbox.org

    *Similou – Pure pop and 80´s sounds without becoming a jokeband. Dance to “All This Love” and “Ladykillers”.

    *The Domus – A new find of mine. Beautiful laptop indie. Atmospheric and hard at the same time.

    • Helsabot escribió...
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    • 22 Sep 2005, 18:13
    The Books.

    • Monterey escribió...
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    • 23 Sep 2005, 14:36
    Her Space Holiday.

    Additionally, amongs the other groups mentioned within this thread: Ladytron, Radio Dept. and Stars.

    • MisterE escribió...
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    • 23 Sep 2005, 21:15
    I know theyre not electro, but it has to be a tie between The Hidden Cameras and The Magnetic Fields

  • damn

    Thats a hard Question the pixies rock my world flaming lips... dur too many good bands

    • rnc escribió...
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    • 1 Oct 2005, 13:02
    The Bravery
    Bloc Party

    • Elmamy escribió...
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    • 19 Oct 2005, 0:00
    Kaki King and Anja Garbarek tonight.

    Is playing sinful scrobblergames with your_namesake, the boy with a battering ram in his pants and the intentions to use it.
    Do you want to be born again?
    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 19 Oct 2005, 1:38
    All of the ones on artist connections!

    I really can't decide what I like most.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 19 Oct 2005, 1:45
    the faint hands down.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 20 Oct 2005, 15:57
    Le tigre, Basement Jaxx, Chicks on Speed... Metric, Stars..
    And.. Probably things that I won't remind now.

  • My top 10

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    • Fonque escribió...
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    • 22 Oct 2005, 8:09
    lcd soundsystem
    dfa (not dfa1979)
    the robocop kraus
    the faint

    “The world consists of villains and fools; of those who devour and those who are devoured. People are like animals; they copulate and eat each other. They weak do not deserve pity, they are just as abominable, only more stupid than strong. The world is vile.”
  • at the moment: the unicorns, xiu xiu, le tigre, bikini kill, sonic youth, radiohead

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 31 Oct 2005, 8:23
    Four Tet

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 31 Oct 2005, 8:41
    Primal Scream.

  • Metric, Le Tigre, Ladytron, Tegan and Sara, The Decemberists, The Ditty Bops, Broken Social Scene... obviously not all electro, but my favorites nonetheless.

  • Death Cab for Cutie is my favorite, Gibbard is amazing :D although, i have a few bands that come quite close.

    dkporican2:yeah...it is interesting to wake up in a strange bed with your underwear on inside out i suppose
  • No Doubt

  • In the electro-indie mindset, The Rapture by far.

  • Re:

    Quoth hilarymuff:
    In the electro-indie mindset, The Rapture by far.

    I agree, but my general favourites will always be Muse

    • mattymcd escribió...
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    • 13 Nov 2005, 1:35
    way too many, today it's LCD Soundsystem and M.I.A.

    but to be honest, all it takes is the rolling stones and the b-52's to put me in a good mood.

    i guess that's nostalgia.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 15 Nov 2005, 23:24
    Metric or Panic! At the Disco

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