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Stop substituting inferior versions of songs for the studio tracks, you bastards.

I want to hear the version from the album I selected. I do not want to hear the cover version the drummer did with their other band. I do not want to hear the live version from Columbus Ohio in 1993. I do not want the Justice remix version. I do not want the acoustic version, the reggae version or the big-band version. THESE SHOULD BE SEPARATE TRACKS DAMMIT.

Why should we subscribe if we can't stream the tracks we want? I understand if some of them aren't available, but if there's going to be alternate versions instead please label them accordingly. Or fix the tags, seperate out the live tracks properly, get the streaming versions of the studio tracks. Whatever it takes. Make this better.

If this has been bothering you too, please feel free to join this group.

If you have any suggestions for what can be done about this problem, please give us a shout.

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