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From the ashes of "Radioheads_Not_Our_Top_Artist" and other such groups comes something dumber and even more pointless.

For people who are different and cool because they don't care about being...

100% guaranteed pointlessness.

Our slogan? "If you're cool and you know it snap your fingers." (Also exceptable, "If you're cool and you know punch someone in the face" or "If you're cool and you know it just stand there with your arms folded frowning at everyone.")

If your coolness depends on what music you listen or don't listen to, then your coolness is a mirage. You're the human equivalent of a scratch-off lotto ticket --scratch the surface and there's usually a loser underneath.

Whatever you listen to, it really doesn't matter.

Remember Dr. Suess's story about the Star-Bellied Sneetches? Yeah, it's like that.

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