Favorite/unf. map from each gametype

  • Favorite/unf. map from each gametype

    Only counting official ones & the three BP1 maps (FacingWorlds, MorbiasStation & SearchLight)

    Left: fav ones; Right: unfav ones.
    DM/TDM/1on1: Sentinel (best 1on1 map since UT2k4's Rankin and Q3A's Camping Grounds) & Gateway (I don't like the idea of three maps into one)
    CTF: FacingWorlds (men, it's a classic one, and this version with the helmet is perfect) & Vertebrae (I hate vertical CTF maps)
    vCTF: Suspense (there isn't something more to say) & Sandstorm (I hate the sandstorm ¬¬)
    WAR: Downtown (I like city maps) & Islander (I don't like the Attackers vs. Defenders style of this map in particular)

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