Personality, "The Body" or Music

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    • 30 May 2009, 23:57

    Personality, "The Body" or Music

    I know that people like Trey for different reasons:

    THE PERSONALITY (overall vibe)

    THE BODY (for all those newbies who just started paying attention to him/ all the old heads that knew he had the potential)

    THE MUSIC (the way he makes any track sound good or just the sound of his voice)

    So what I'm asking of you is to speak on what attracted you to Trey Songz in the first place and how has that attraction grown over the course of his career. (if you're a fan, why are you a fan, basically)


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    • 1 Jun 2009, 16:22
    Definitely the music. I didn't know anything about him other than his music until I started to dig a little deeper.

    But if I had to rate:

    1) Music
    2) Looks (love his eyes and bunny teeth)

    *long drop*

    3) Personality

  • LMAO @ this post!

    I've been a fan for awhile now. I used to jam to "Gotta Make It". So what first attracted me would be his music.

    1. MUSIC
    His first album was really good to me. He has a voice, and he did REAL R&B...everybody wanted to be R&B/POP but he stuck to the basics on the first record, and I loved that.

    2. LOOKS
    Even before now, since now he has a much better body than before I thought he was extremely sexy. Even when he used to take his shirt off at shows with his bird chest, LMAO! He just has a sex appeal to him. I first noticed his sex appeal in the "Gotta Go" video, when he did that one part with his arms spread and the veins spread across his arms. YES don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. LMAO!

    When he used to do interviews when he first came out, I thought he was so extra country and cocky. LMAO! I've grown to love his swag now. I picked the others first because even without personality, if he continued to make music the way he does and look the way he does I'd continue to support. LMAO!

  • OMG I can't decide xD
    I first saw him in Tony Braxtons video, and I just thought that he is perfect, and I watched a couple of interwievs and I listened to his albums and I started adoring him ^^

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