Reposting Toren's myspace bulletin

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    • 14 Jun 2007, 1:38

    Reposting Toren's myspace bulletin

    You can pre-order the new album RIGHT NOW.

    On June 14th, for 1 week (until June 20), I will be offering a super-sweet deal for you loyal fans. The actual release date of the album is June 21, but you guys can get it on the 14th through me (either directly at or via my eBay store, **) or through Divine will be offering the CD for a discount, whereas I will be offering all merch including the new CD with some premiums, as follows:

    1 item, 1 premium
    2 items, 2 premiums
    3 items, 3 premiums, etc.

    Premiums are:
    1. The new SHADOW OUT OF TIM sticker as seen here:
    2. Buttons! I'll have five new buttons to go with the album (see ), plus I also have a few pins left over from the last batch (see but not the SpaceCorp one).

    I'll also throw in the new issue of THE PEOPLE OF INNSMOUTH: Official Fanclub Newsletter of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets on any order while supplies last. You can place your order before the 14th and I'll try to get the merch in your loathesome nippers close to that date.
    Also, the first person to buy 5 items will get a complete set of ten buttons (including my last SpaceCorp one).

    **note that my eBay stores are slightly inflated to counter the eBay fees. Buying directly through me will be a bit cheaper.

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