Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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No fate but what we make!
But no one is ever safe!

"I can't believe people are willing to kill for something as stupid as religion and yet not one suicide bomber has demanded this show back on the air :("
~Thedreamshaperabc, on YouTube

"It's plain to see that the whoring T.V. executives are only looking for quick-and-easy success--i.e., utter shit, like Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, etc.--crap that's easily digested by non-thinking, non-reading, non-artistic couch potatoes who can't handle (or even understand) character portraits or dramatic sequences that aren't spelled out for them in Fisher Price neon."
~Dressad, on io9.com ~ Full Comment

savethescc.com went to the San Diego ComicCon 2010 with 850 totes,
1000 buttons, 3000 stickers and a billboard in tow, all of which were funded by the fans,
in an effort to continue spreading the word about The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

On 18 May 2009, Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles was officially cancelled by the FOX network.
But the Resistance has not ended! We're still fighting to bring this beloved show back on air.

On 15 June, 2010, Brian Austin Green confirmed that there WILL BE A TSCC MOVIE!.
He said "we're aiming for a theatrical release..DVD or Blue Ray" and
"we're trying to keep Josh Friedman involved" and "all the actors are on board".
See forum thread here.


We will update as more news becomes available. Feel free to shout or PM MajorTeck or ClocklessHours with ideas, questions or NEWS.

Hey, 64 countries can't be wrong! Don't give up the fight!

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