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Hardcore bands that tend to have passionate orientated lyrics around subjects such as hardship,hope,tragedy,frustration and love,landmarks for a evergrowing aching pleasure called music.

Defeater - Cowardice

What brings you here my son?
I've been a horrible man. I killed my father, I killed my brother, I left my mother in your god's hands.
Clasp your hands and count your sins. Kneel at the pew, and so the sermon begins.
No judgment cast down this day, will set you free. You are forgiven my son, you are blessed and redeemed. You have found absolution here son, but only from me.
What's left, what's left for me ?!

Verse - Story Of A Free Man - Chapter One: The End Of Innocence

A forceful pry at his eyes to see a beautiful world has been taken from you and me.
"This is killing me," he said to his mother.
"Is this the true face of humanity?" he said to his mother.
"The weight of this has got me on my knees," he said with no response from his mother.

I Adapt - Subject To Change

There is no heaven and there is no hell with an open door for a person like me.
There's only the seemingly endless in-between,
Honest, consistant, patient and mean.

Shai Hulud - Set Your Body Ablaze

"I am the wayward son of man."
My fathers have darkened what was the warmest heart the world would have ever known."
Relish in what you have created.

Hopeless - The Factory

The show is a masquerade, silly masks on to the road to fame.
Your hopes and dreams, fake courage behind the scenes.
Fake smile, hidden rebel child, every truth backed with denial.
At last, there's an end on this life behind the lens !

Blacklisted - Ivory Tower

I see no new day rising, I've been living in darkness for so long, the storm marches through the horizon, coming to take me on.
Isolation has clipped my wings, there's no way out of this cold, I need you to come close.
There's some warmth in the way that the distance grows.
I find no shelter, no security, no calm before this storm. Staring at the sun has never, never, never kept me warm.
No shelter...

The Hope Conspiracy - Holocaust

They built this hell, now there's no way out,
A timeless art of tearing this world apart.
Thy kingdom come, forever spilling blood.
Embracing god is just killing yourself /
Destroy the bastards that destroyed my faith.

Just Went Black - Blank Pages

It almost seems ridiculous, almost too easy.
Am i supposed to walk down the same old road again?
All the guilt now rests on your shoulders, the burden of a melting heart that follows you day by day.
I'd love to see you suffer, I want you to bleed for me.
You can't be cold like that, please don't give up on this.
Please don't.
"You shall burn in hell."

Have Heart - Bostons

And in this city you once knew as hell,
Is a garden where I enjoy myself.
And in this father I hardly know,
Was a son who took back what the bottle stole.

So I could be the boy you couldn't be,
Have the father you didn't get to see,
Have the youth you did not get to live,
Or feel the love this world forgot to give !

Carpathian - Cursed

So what great vision is this to sail amongst the vast indifference?
Accept a trail to hollow senses, where only tragedy breaks the numbness.
So what great epiphany, will spell out beneath my feet?
Chain my wrists, and admit defeat, imprisoned by the clarity.
So is this destiny, a doubtful life, feeling empty?
Worst of all to make me guilty, blindest of the blind, telling me to see!

Ruiner - The Lives We Fear

I am fine with dying with regrets - as long as I’ve never stopped - making attempts at the sky and tearing down the stars.
It never felt right to sit back-letting life pass me by.
Saying I could have, would have but never fucking tried.

More Than Life - Faceless Name

Nothing but a name on a grave is what we all we be as death is only a step away, turning cold with yesterday.
Blister blue, with frozen knuckles still reaching out for an answer !

Defeater - Blessed Burden

"Please take us away, please let us be safe. let everyone that sees me forget my face."
But all she gets is the drunk with his fists and that old devil look in his eye.
Him and jack, that gambling debt, that old devil look in his eye.
And without warning he raises his hand to her and says, "Your god can't hear you, not down here. no one will save you because no one cares."

The Effort - A Breath Of Fresh Air

'We've all spent our lives crawling and struggling just to stay afloat.
Scraping our knees on the ocean flood and filling our lungs with salt.
Without a soul for miles, there is no one to save me from this black water.
It's the epidemic we face as kids with no mothers and no fathers [...]

Carpathian - Sun Heights

In the shadow of the greatest man, I feel naked, the lonely one, untouched by the rising sun.
Desperation crashed down on me, endlessly I reach for nothing, amidst the waves of eternity
I'm on my own against the world and I've never felt so fucking cold !

Lewd Acts - Know Where To Go

I was born with soapbox shoes and raised on morals that i chose to lose.
And when I've seen the evil that people do, that's when I learned to sing the blues.

Mondern Life Is War - Humble Streets

We can work every day. Watch T.V. every night. There's no end in sight in these humble streets.
But I'm just singing my cheap white boy blues.
When I get back home I'll be drinking right next to you. We're Common. We're Desperate. I'll do this my own way. Wherever I may roam this is where I remain.
And I belong to these humble streets.

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