Are The Cramps really psychobilly?

  • Are The Cramps really psychobilly?

    I love The Cramps, but are they really a psychobilly band, or just a punk band?
    And if they are a psychobilly band, who was it that started psychobilly, them or the meteors, because everyone knows that stupid meteors slogan O.T.M.A.P.P. (only the meteors are pure psychobilly)

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    • 6 Sep 2006, 14:13
    i think the cramps are a mix of psychobilly/rockabilly/punk.

    they don't really just fit in one category.

    as for who started it, no clue.

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    • 8 Sep 2006, 5:18
    The Quakes are up there with the meteors in starting it not sure which one really did though.

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  • if it is a fight between the meteors and the quakes, I'd have to choose the quakes, simply cuz theyre fuckin amazing

  • Woooord

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    • 9 Sep 2006, 14:32
    they were here last night. I couldn't be there though.

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    • 9 Sep 2006, 14:32
    the quakes

  • No, the Cramps aren't psychobilly...they themselves said they weren't.

    OTMAPP isn't a stupid slogan, it's the truth. You might not get it, and that's fine, but don't slag it.

    The Meteors came out in 80, the Quakes in 86; there is absolutely no chance of argument as to which of the two came first.

  • The Cramps called their music "voodoo psychobilly" on their early flyers, but that was before psychobilly was really a genre. In a way they were the first, but psychobilly mutated into something else entirely that The Meteors have full claim to. Essentially these guys couldn't not invent psychobilly: The ex-bassist of a rockabilly band, ex-guitarist of a punk band, and a lyricist obsessed with horror.

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    • 10 Nov 2006, 17:00

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    • Alexkahn escribió...
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    • 17 Nov 2006, 17:40
    That gives the cramps way too much credit.

    • drows escribió...
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    • 23 Dic 2006, 20:34
    i'd say the cramps are not just an ordinary punk band. to some part, they can surly make it to the psychobilly genre.

    there's more to the picture than meets the eye.
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    • 26 Dic 2006, 13:50
    well, without the cramps psychobilly would definitely never be the same. the meteors obviously combined lyrical
    obsession towards b-movies and elvis influenced cramps style aswell as slapping bass used on some elvis projects (the sun sessions, that is probably the real start of r'n'r). and the guitar playing style (using reverb, vibrato and stuff) was adopted from poison ivy's. the cramps definitely influenced on creating the psychobilly, but they said that they aren't psychobilly and don't want to be a part of it. i hate it becoming a great trend now, 2 decades after, but there are great bands that are worth diggin'.

  • the cramps are voodoo rockabilly, psycho rock or horror rock. meteors started psychobilly but didn't invent the phrase, and yes the quakes are amazing >=]

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    • 31 Mar 2007, 23:10
    the cramps are more into garage than punk. i think that they have a few psychobilly albums like A Date With Elvis and Stay Sick, but mainly today they're a garage rock band.

    regarding psychobilly: there's no doubt about the band who started and spreaded this disease - OTMAPP!

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    • 8 Ago 2008, 15:18
    the term "psychobilly", as it was played by the meteors, was coined by the cramps but lux interior maintained that the term does not describe their own style.

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    • 14 Ago 2008, 1:13


    Cramps are great but their sound is much more garage than psychobilly..

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    • 22 Ago 2008, 11:47
    The Cramps are Batcave

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    • 23 Ago 2008, 3:51
    No, they are not)))

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    • 25 Ago 2008, 13:49



    ... The Cramps is GARAGE

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  • Holy Crap, The Meteors invented psychobilly it should be a known fact. They invented it as much as Columbus discovered America, as far as the style of music we all know and have come to love. I don't really think of any kind of music as ever being "invented" in a literal sense. With one member being into cheezy old horror films, one into rockabilly and one into punk they were the ones who fused the three together specifically. AS IF ANYONE WOULD EVER THINK THE QUAKES!! No way Jose.

  • dead_billy pisze:
    They invented it as much as Columbus discovered America

    Are you sure? ;)

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    • 11 Sep 2008, 19:20
    The Cramps are definately Psychobilly when I was a but a nipper the two albums every self respecting Psychobilly owned were Smell Of Female and Meteors Live.
    Who started it will never be known the word was first used way back in the 50's/60's look up the Trashmen, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy etc also described as garage, The Cramps covered a lot of these songs on the Off The Bone album also a good one to check out is Rockabilly Psychosis And The Garage Disease. It's thought The Cramps were the first modern band to use the term Psychobilly but The Meteors started the English movement, and The Cramps headlined the Klub Foot more than once you dont get more Psyhcobilly than that.

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    • 19 Sep 2008, 18:17
    The Cramps are The Cramps.


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    • 12 Ene 2009, 18:23
    the term psychobilly was first used in a johnny cash song one piece at a time in 76 the cramps used it in flyers but lux said psychobilly didnt fit their music style.So the Meteors are the inventors of the music style,but the cramps are still a great band and mr Cash invented the word.

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