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a.k.a. group for people who don't give a fuck about sad things and don't like people who give way too much of a fuck. (inspired by Jon Lajoie)

THE BIG COUNTER (since 16.01.09)

And now...

Welcome to the best group...........................................................................in the world!



Are you almost overly optimistic?
You love to laugh until your stomach hurts?
You don't like forcing social etiquette?
You prefer to make love not war?
You're not lazy, you're preserving energy?
You do or do not like the picture above?
You hate people worried about everything?
You have dreams in colour?
You don't whine if there's Coldplay on chart?
You don't know what a "depression" is?
...I mean you know what it is but, you're not used to having one...
...we're not stupid, if something, we ask Google...
You're slightly afraid of spiders or snakes?
You wash your hands after using toilet?
You think it's a little too long?
You have a profile on last.fm?
Do you see the "join" button at the top of this page?
You would like to please me?

If for more than -1 questions you've answered positively, then yes, you should join right now!
You're still hesitating? Let me show you something.

As you can see the scientists have shown that the more you join the more satisfaction you get.

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And finally, watch this if you want to know,
what notgivingafuck can do for you:

You are of course free to create threads, good forum games are also welcome.


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