What's your favorite TG/Coil/PTV album?

  • What's your favorite TG/Coil/PTV album?

    yeah, hard question, but something to start the threads!

    bullshit is obligatory
  • Coil - The New Backwards

    Sleazy turned the boring old Backwards demo (yes, I think it's boring) into something brilliant and thus created a grand finale for Coil. The Ape of Naples / The New Backwards 4LP boxset is one of the most cherised pieces of my music collection and I think those two albums belong together.

    I'd like to post this without stating the obvious, but I can't, so here goes: all of the albums are great!

    Hisko Detria - for all the fans of static raw power kraut
  • yeah you're right Arto, it's damn obvious :D but thank you cuz you focused on Sleazy work.
    my favorite Coil album is LSD
    and Musick To Play In The Dark, mostly volume one, is one of the most mind-blowing electronic albums I've ever heard!

    bullshit is obligatory
    • kosta024 escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 30 Nov 2009, 0:15
    I can't pick one either.
    But if I have to:
    "Live One, Live Two, Live Three, Live Four"
    I can't get enough of COIL (as well as Treshold Houseboys Choir and Soisong)
    I love them with a passion.

    • sphero23 escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 14 Feb 2010, 20:01


    horse rotorvator by coil is my favourite, it gets better with every listening and was the soundtrack to my youth,
    mission of dead souls by TG , powerful when played loud.
    themes 3 by ptv , the soundtarck to many a dark night.

    • chewtoy escribió...
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    • 19 Nov 2010, 10:48
    TG: Part Two The Endless Not (it sounds like Sleazy has more input in the new TG)
    PTV: Dreams Less Sweet (one of the most remarkable album of the 1980s, it just grows and grows)
    Coil: eh... too many to mention!

    I listen a lot to The Threshold HouseBoys Choir as well. They're such talented lads.

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