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This is a group for patriots of the U.S.A. Military and other patriots are encouraged to join. Political affiliation is irrelevant.

Patriotism is a love for your country and respect for it's people, foundations, ideals and system. This group is for those who stand for and defend the founding principles of The United States of America.

For an overview of Patriotism please visit this journal entry:

American people of all political persuasions, left and right, Republican and Democrat, Libertarian and others except those that are Fascist, Anarchist or extremist Socialist understand what Patriotism means as it applies to them. They understand why we all identify as Americans, and that although many may disagree on politics, religion and many other things, most of us are proud to exist under the same banner of the greatest nation in the history of the world. Most of us feel a link with our fellow countrymen that is beyond our common geography. We are linked emotionally, physically, economically, socially and in so many other ways that we possess an unbreakable kinship. It is this kinship that is the foundation for our shared devotion to this nation.

We are a nation that values our freedom. We understand that the blood of other patriots watered our tree of liberty which flourished onto the world stage in thundering fashion. We didn't invent freedom nor was it given to us by other men, but instead, as our forefathers suggested, we were endowed with inalienable rights by our creator and we believe these to be the rights of all men, not just Americans.

As for our nation, when we come together to defend her, we are defending each other. When we look with righteous pride at our incredible history, we understand that our nation has played a very important role in shining the light of freedom in the dark places of this world for those who were held down and alienated from it by tyrants. We have a history of planting the seeds of freedom from our tree on the beaches of Normandy, at the Berlin wall and in Eastern Europe, in Asia, Iraq, South America, in Africa and many other places. Americans rightfully believe that our nation's greatness is not defined by our treasure, our technology, our military might or any other material contributions but by our compassion, our generosity and our love for our fellow men everywhere.

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