Wakey Wakey Naature Crew!

    • Ode escribió...
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    • 27 Jul 2006, 5:45

    Wakey Wakey Naature Crew!

    Start using your (Audioscrobbler) Last.FM accounts. They've drastically improved this site!

  • ya, I really enjoy the new design. sex.

  • I use it plenty, but the whole journal concept is overused and pretty lame.

  • it's getting used. and yeah; the new design is uber-sexy. :)

    • NateE escribió...
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    • 2 Nov 2006, 4:12
    Since I got my laptop hooked up to the new stereo in my room I've been listening to more music via itunes, meaning my last.fm account is now getting more accurate. I'm a radiohead addict as you can probably see :P I don't fully know all the features here though...what else is there besides just the social browsing?

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