The Best Album And The Best Song

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    • 18 May 2011, 18:09

    The Best Album And The Best Song

    Which album do you think it is pure 100% industrial? . I know that all of NIN's Reznor is a genius is the master, but not everyone shares this opinion. Some of you have a favorite song and album.

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    • 18 Ene 2012, 5:07

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  • favorite album is The Downward Spiral but my favorite song is Closer

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    • 28 Mar 2012, 17:42
    NIN = Trent Reznor
    Trent Reznor = NIN

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    • 28 Mar 2012, 17:43
    All Nine Inch Nails is fucking awesome but I think my favourite albums is Pretty Hate Machine , Broken and The Downward Spiral ;) . The most I don't like is Year Zero but Remixed is really really awesome.

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    • 22 Abr 2012, 8:52
    The Fragile anyone? Not purely industrial, still remains my favorite because of its unconventional being.

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    • 15 Jun 2012, 11:06
    For me its hard to choose one the best album from nin compositions. each one contains some great songs including all remixes. I love further down the spiral, second cd of the downward spiral deluxe edition and pretty hate machine too!

    Best song... tough choice. it depends on my mood :)

  • Biomechanically said:
    Since nobody decided to respond to this: Broken.

    I agree.
    Broken is the most industrial disc of NIN

    is hard to say one best song of NIN but ''Closer To God'' is a song that i can't stop listening.

    “In the real world you can only trust yourself! Other people just get in the way. That’s my philosophy! I walk alone… that’s my way of life.”

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  • The Downward Spiral.

    And my favourite songs of NIN are The Big Come Down and Mr.Self Destruct.

    Dad want us to pick where he left off, saving people, hunting things, the family business [L]
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