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Líderes: Erkan-Yilmaz y music_scholar
Política de participación Abierto
Creado el: 2 Mar 2011
Passion for musicology? Join us! (P.S. this group is for all: even if you do not know what musicology means until now, join + learn with us)

Discover musicology related events (conferences ...): here
Share news, knowledge, your interpretations ... about musicology related topics in the forum.

Currently there are three ways to start listening:
1. music_scholar's library
2. tags:
- (play), (play)
- (play), (play)
3. group radio (note: this will play also other tracks users have)

- resources on help extend this
- You want to extend your knowledge? Try the tandem
- musicologists who have an account at feel free to also add yourself
- How to share your knowledge...

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