Help me at Mestizo Group!

  • Help me at Mestizo Group!

    Hey guys,

    thanks all for beeing here and proposing me new artists from time to time. We gonna make Mestizo much more popular all over the world and we all helped to establish the term too!

    But moderating such a big group with so many artists is much more work than I can manage by my own. So please help me! Anyone who like to be part of my moderation-team please let me know.

    Works to be done are:

    - finding new artists and connect them with the group (you'll get the rights to do that)

    - allways keep our page up-to-date with the actual events (unfortunately this isn't going automatically, so we have to do it manually)

    - writing more wiki-inscriptions, translate the existing ones (english and german I did by myself, but all the other languages are still missing)

    - if you like, you can also write some reports of concerts, new outcomming albums etc. regulary and connect them to the group or send them as roundmail to all members

    You see, there is a lot to do. So who' gonna help me? Raise your hands! :)


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