SharpConnect - lightweight API access for .NET

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    • 21 Mar 2010, 19:12

    SharpConnect - lightweight API access for .NET

    Hey there,

    I've been using LastFmLib.Net for quite some time now but lately I noticed that it offers a lot more than what you'd need to simply send a request and retrieve, for example, a single value. Therefore I wrote SharpConnect that can be used to basically access any HTTP based API (proper documentation coming soon...) and I wanted to share it here.


    (I set the wiki up yesterday, so it might not be that helpful at all - for now.)

    Have a look at the following example, too: track.getTags

    I hope this helps.


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    • 23 Mar 2010, 22:26
    I think you used a very good and interesting approach to the api!
    Should maybe be reusable for Twitter, too :)

    To be honest I'm not totally satisfied with LastFmLib either, sometime it's just too much code and a mess...sadly I haven't got that amount of time to work on it like it should deserve. Thank you for that point :)

    If you need any help with your lib, just send me a PM :) Combine your favourite radio stations! | My Blog | scala-lastfmapi | Cache2k - A high performance Java in-memory cache
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    My forum post reflects my personal opinion :)
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