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LADY, born Shameka Brown, has always had a way with words. Whether giving speeches, writing poetry, or just telling a story; the way she told it made you visualize her struggle, her drive, and her raw passion for her craft. "Mama told me I had a slick mouth and it'd get me in a lot of trouble" says Lady. She may have been right about causing trouble, but Lady's maverick ways made her a natural for the rap game.

Lady didn't fully embrace her status as a lyrical protegee until the age of 11. Soon after, she made the natural transition from simply creating her own spins on hot songs to crafting her own music. Soon in 2002, she formed a group with two friends and started rapping at school. “Yep we had lunch room concerts and I was the main attraction, I can't even lie" says Lady. She quickly became well known for her hardcore rhymes and cocky delivery, beating on the tables for beats. Amidst spitting rhymes like she was the headliner at a concert, Lady's talent became fully-formed, as she realized that she was ready to take the next step in creating the music that she'd grown to love.

The lyrical vixen branched off and joined forces with a local drug boss, and began concentrating on building her music portfolio. Soon after in 2005, in a tragic turn of events, the police shut the operation down. Her hard work nullified, Lady was back at square one. Defeated, Lady quit music.

But not even a run-in with the authorities could keep Lady from fulfilling her destiny as First "Lady" of the rap game. In 2009, Lady made a triumphant return to music, quitting her day job and devoting all her energy to her craft. With the blessings of her family and her city, Talbotton, GA, Lady's passion, raw talent, and gold lip gloss caught the eye of business mogul Big Gates. Gates, the brother and manager of hip-hop troubadour Plies, spoke to Lady's gift. "Lady is going to change the game! Since the five years I've been in this industry there hasn't been, and still isn't, a realer female rapper! So there was no question in my mind to sign her!" Plies also endorsed Lady's talent, describing her as the leader of the new era of female artists, and an ideal representation of the "street bitch."

After signing her deal with the major recording label, BIG GATES RECORDS on April 1, 2010, the young star toiled day and night in the studio with little rest, subsiding on watermelon Four Loko and beef jerkey. "My work ethics can't be matched. I'm here to share my life, raw and uncut" described Lady. Her hard work came to fruition with her smash mixtape "Bitch from Around the Way," released on May 25, 2010. The lyrically sophisticated "Bitch" showcases an artist mature beyond her years, and serves as a preview to what the talented young lady has in store for the game.

Big Gates Records' First "Lady" is a force to be reckoned with, combatting misogyny in today's rap game with her inspirational words, poignant videos, and electric blue lipstick. Her progressive music video for leading single "Yankin'" subverts traditional gender roles, making Lady one of the leading feminist voices in modern hip-hop. Ladies of this generation, stand up; there is at last a bold voice to represent the strength we possess. Who better to tell our story than LADY?

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