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Where the fusion of random ideas, thoughts, and expressions birth unfounded concepts and realities.

Man has always been fascinated with the unknown, it is the antithesis of our reality. Just pondering about the unknown expands the conscious mind. Sometimes the unknown brings us closer to enlightenment, sometimes its seems to darken our surroundings.

This group is for all those who seek enlightenment through the many means that exist, whether it's through music, art, literature or religious beliefs. One must remain open to all talking points, tangents, theories and suggestions. Our purpose here is to learn and grow, not to offend.

Heard a song that introduced a new concept to you?
Saw a painting that blew you away?
Or maybe you feel you have come across something you need to share?

Then this my friend, is a place for you.

We are all one being, searching for our true self.

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