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Líder: dangerdonkey
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Creado el: 19 Jun 2010
Inman Street Records is an online record label.

Inman Street Records is a different kind of record label. By releasing all our music for free online, we can make new releases available very quickly – within days, instead of the months it usually takes to put together a CD or vinyl release. As the label evolves, you’ll hear everything from proper albums to demos, live recordings, b-sides, unreleased songs, and maybe even some reissues.

While everything here is made available gratis, we hope you’ll occasionally feel motivated to support the label and our bands. Every release has a button that allows you to contribute $5 via Paypal; even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can easily use any major credit card. All of the money that we collect (minus a small transaction fee) is split with 70% going to the band, and 30% going to us. This allows the bands to see some reward for their work, allows us to offset the cost of our web hosting, and if there’s any left over it may help fund future projects we have in mind.

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