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Creado el: 13 May 2009
IANVA was born as the meeting of a group of musicians with different backgrounds united by the common goal to give sense to forgotten words as “passion”, “boldness” and “dignity” and by the will to...

IANVA (pronounced "ianua" or "ya-noo-ah") was born as the meeting of a group of musicians with different backgrounds united by the common goal to give sense to forgotten words as “passion”, “boldness” and “dignity” and by the will to preserve those few own things of the Italian. Many are the names involved in IANVA: Mercy and Francesco La Rosa – both already known for Malombra, Il Segno Del Comando and Helden Rune, three cult Italian projects with strong roots in old school “dark sound” (in the ‘70s meaning of this term) atmospheres; Stefania T. D'Alterio, ex singer of Wagooba, a peculiar combo inspired by cinematic-rétro atmospheres with a touch of irony, and one of the very few Italian pens interested in weirdness and so called “apocalypse culture”; Azoth, member of Italian top black metal band Spite Extreme Wing (RIP). Last but not least, classical trained musicians Fabio Gremo and Giuseppe Spanò (from prog-rock band Daedalus), Davide La Rosa (who replaced Riccardo Casazza), Fabio Carfagna (already part of Malombra, who replaced Argento) complete the roster. These different paths, are just a little contribution to the IANVA project which is completely devoted to its concept and its musical Italian character, with wide influences form the very first excellent Italian new wave, to the Masters of the Pure Art of Film-score (as Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Armando Trovajoli, Franco Micalizzi, Stelvio Cipriani, Guido and Maurizio De Angelis…); keeping always in mind ideal protagonists as Scott Walker and Marc Almond and chansonniers as Fabrizio De Andrè, Piero Ciampi and Jacques Brel. A declaration of love to good old glittery nocturnal ballads of Britain's most decadent glam tradition, and to those totem figures of Italian mainstream as Mina, Gabriella Ferri, Milly, Mia Martini, Milva, Massimo Ranieri and Lucio Battisti. The only concession to “actuality” is some attention to some of the best and most refined representatives of today's folk noir scene WITH NO HIDDEN POLITICAL AGENDA (and far away from most of the pale so called neo-folk bandwagon), which enrich the peculiar mélange of this sound and concept, coming from the past, but cast in the future: ARCHEOFUTURIST.

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    Comprato 'Italia:Ultimo Atto!'

    20 Jul 2009 Responder

    Ringraziandovi della pagina, gradiremmo che questioni/gusti/appartenenze/messaggi/slogan di stampo politico restassero fuori. ---- Thnx for the support and for this page, but PLEASE NO POLITICAL SLOGANS / COMMENTS / ETC. IANVA has NO HIDDEN POLITICAL AGENDA.

    4 Jul 2009 Responder
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