Go snob over the last person's musical taste

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    • 2 Feb 2008, 8:12

    Go snob over the last person's musical taste

    Try to come up with some thorough snobness, no one-liners, please. Reason for the existence of the thread is completely scientific.

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    • Akink escribió...
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    • 2 Feb 2008, 13:10
    Hah, cool theard =}.

    So... you listen to bad music, because it's scandinavian (spelling O.o), and scandinavian = popular. As we all know, popular = bad. You should listen to some underground metal, like metal from Zimbabwe, or other African countries.
    Next... oh, I see Pink Floyd. Stop listening them, they are OLD! My Dad listen to such music!
    And Peter Gabriel. I used to listen to him, but my friend told me, that only gays listen to Peter Gabriel. So I stopped and I advice you to do the same.

    Is that the point of this thread, or did I understand that bad? If yes, don't be offended, I was not serious ').

    The only thing that stands between me and total happieness is reality.
  • *ahem*

    You don't belong here. This post, combined with your charts, seems like a thinly veiled attempt to crash our party, so to speak, and ruin the atmosphere here by getting us to all act like arrogant snots like you. I say "combined with your charts" because your have the most stereotypically "music snob" taste I've ever seen. You listen mainly to bands no one has heard of, mostly metal and progressive rock, sprinkled with a handful of more well-known bands that you're "allowed" to like because of how influential they are. I guess that probably impresses all of your friends, but it doesn't impress anyone here, because music is more to us than just a way to cultivate an image. We listen to music because we enjoy it, without caring what anyone else has to say about it. Trying to use music as a status symbol or a measure of coolness is pretentious and fake, and usually indicates that you're actually not half as cool as you think you are.

    By the way, I found all of your "guilty pleasure" bands buried deep in your charts - The Spice Girls and O-Zone really stood out to me. Guess you forgot to turn scrobbling off a couple of times while you were indulging yourself. Or wait, I'm sorry, that was really just your little sister, wasn't it? LOL. Don't worry, my lips are sealed.

    So, how'd I do?
    I honestly can't decide whether I'm joking or not.

    Edit: Directed @ the OP, not Akink. I had to walk away from the computer mid-post and didn't think to check for more replies when I got back.

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    • 2 Feb 2008, 14:40
    Akink said:
    Is that the point of this thread, or did I understand that bad? If yes, don't be offended, I was not serious ').

    Yes, this is exactly the purpose of the thread. :D

    smudgezombie; It happens. The only thing is that the next person to post is supposed to aim his or her hatred at Akink's charts, seeing how she was first. Though nothing stops one from doing more charts at once, as long as the last poster is included.

    You know... I think I'm going to put some O-Zone playing right now.

    • Jan74 escribió...
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    • 3 Feb 2008, 1:37
    Akink: you do not think for yourself. Listening to Britney Spears and Kate Nash just because the media tells you to! You have no taste. *

    Also, The Beatles were an overrated boy band. You should listen to The Kinks instead. 125 plays for Aqua? That much "Barbie Girl" has ruined your ears permanently.

    * I've heard that exactly, many times. lol

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    • 3 Feb 2008, 1:59
    Ugh. I bet you think you're really "eclectic." Sorry, but you fail. You think you're so unique with your Björk and Sufjan Stevens and and whatnot, but you're not. You're like every mindless "indie" twat out there.
    Get some real taste.

    The nice girl in me is twitching. xD

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    • 3 Feb 2008, 11:14
    I only needed to see the top two artists on your list to form a complete, finalized opinion about your taste: "Nightwish sucks - your music sucks."

    All your most played Nightwish tracks are from the time after they completely sold out. Once is some of the most horrible albums in existence, Anette is a popper with no talent and Tuomas is a biatch. They're only in it for money.

    I could barely scroll down after spotting names such as RHCP and Kylie Minogue. You seem like a lost case. However, I think you still have one chance to turn the tide.

    Please reserve a time for a meeting with fnts to find enlightenment.

    • Jan74 escribió...
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    • 3 Feb 2008, 11:56
    augustlilly said:
    Ugh. I bet you think you're really "eclectic." Sorry, but you fail. You think you're so unique with your Björk and Sufjan Stevens and and whatnot, but you're not. You're like every mindless "indie" twat out there.
    Get some real taste.

    The nice girl in me is twitching. xD

    I've heard that exactly too! lol

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    • 5 Feb 2008, 1:48
    Oh dear, where to start. Tina Turner? She had her last good song right after the dinosaurs found their untimely end. Not to mention Costello, totally overrated by those "I want to be indie, but I'm not allowed to browse the records anywhere else but at the local mall"-kids who read Rolling Stone because it makes them feel "hip".
    Scrolling down reveals more bad music. Siouxsie and the Banshees? Her only achievment were the oh so provocative swastikas paired with no talent at all. I might even rant about Radiohead and the Beatles, but a quick glance at their respective last.fm-pages shows what kinds of people listen to those bands. You know them, the kids who where never allowed to have a Metallica record and where spoon fed with emo-crap like The White Stripes.

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    • 5 Feb 2008, 4:33
    Jan74, I can't decide if my apparent talent at snobbery is a good thing or not. xD

    Pascal_H, just, wow. You think you listen to enough punk rock? You probably think you're so rebellious and different. Nice try. I see right through it. I bet you whine about how people pick on you because you're so different and misunderstood. Really? You're buying into the same system everyone else is.
    Oh, and wtf @ George Carlin and Johnny Cash.

    Reorxo, I must say, Children of Bodom, Pink Floyd, Sonata Arctica, and possibly Pain of Salvation, are incredibly overrated and people just listen to them because it supposedly makes them look cool. There is SO MUCH BETTER OUT THERE, and really, you display your ignorance by listening to these bands.
    Also, wtf @ Tangerine Dream. What are you listening to them for? Seriously. Also, Jethro Tull is SO lame. He ruined any cred he had with that heinous "Bungle in the Jungle" song.

    Man, I'm gonna be scared if y'all tell me you've heard that before. XD

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  • It's like you don't listen to anyone who doesn't have a funny name.

    I haven't heard of any of these obscure indie bands on your page, you conceited elitist.

    Except for the ones I have heard of, you poppy little sellout.

    And phh, no one in the USA really likes Kylie Minogue.

    And I bet you think you're so with-it with your slightly-Photoshopped-webcam avatar. Get a clue.

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    • 6 Feb 2008, 17:29
    It is obvious that you attempt to hide your bad music behind your top artist, The Beatles. The problem is - I wasn't impressed. The Beatles were an overrated boy band of the 60's.

    With my super analytical skills, I calculated a distinct quality value for your taste. The result was 2.64, as in 0.22 over the minimum score. It is kind of surprising for you to get such high points. I was more expecting a negative number. C'mon! Green Day? Pink? U2?

    You obviously are one of these MTV kiddos with no idea of music existing beyond it. Fnts is already too busy to help you so you can be considered a total failure with no hope. Only thing you can now do is commit harakiri to gain back any of the lost honour. Though that is a Japanese method and way trendy nowadays. It'd only make you even less cool. Sucks to be DackAttac.

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    • 6 Feb 2008, 19:48
    Reorxo, have this Mickey Mouse plushie. Now how could a little boy who loves Disney cartoons listen to such artists like Children of Bodom? Don't be mislead by the names dear boy! Grungy rock music is not good for you!

    Try something closer to Vanessa Williams, or anyone else who would have been runned over and over by your choice of metal bands. We have to erase those violent thoughts from your mind.

    (I know im terrible at this XD)

    All of you are here probably read like crazy about every artist,therefore giving you a much better advantage. Your tastes are filled with obscure artists, which makes you all the more confident to be here at all.

    • DackAttac escribió...
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    • 6 Feb 2008, 20:11
    Jade cannot be black. Jade is green. It is either black or it is Jade, so I'm going to call you the least tacky and clichéd half of your name, despite your listening habits begging me to do otherwise.

    Jade, women can't front metal bands. They just can't. Stop pretending they can. It's a huge problem with your prospective "taste", but I can't even call it "taste" because of the inclusion of Moonspell. Good God, just imagining someone hitting record on a tape player they happened to be in makes my skin crawl. Listen to acid jazz, it'll save your soul from the black hole of suck that your MP3 library has drafted up a lease for a condo in.

    Reorxo said:
    Only thing you can now do is commit harakiri to gain back any of the lost honour. Though that is a Japanese method and way trendy nowadays. It'd only make you even less cool.

    There really isn't any form of suicide that's still cool. Pills are painless and therefore, for pussies. Hanging is so vintage it's trying too hard. Setting yourself on fire jumped the shark when RAtM put Thích Quảng Đức on their album cover. And yeah, the last thing I'd want to be is Wapanese, so that rules out harakiri, seppuku, kamikaze and bifuteki. However, I've come up with the most hardcore way to commit suicide ever.

    I'm going to kill myself... of old age.

    [reclines in chair and taps watch]

    (PS - I don't know who Moonspell is, but I just closed my eyes and pointed to the screen, and typed in the result, mainly because I'm 98% sure this is how snobs actually operate.)

  • (Hah, this'll be fun. XD An exercise in writing for characters I'm nothing like, I suppose? XD)

    DackAttac- First of all, I must note that you listen Cibo Matto. There are only two sorts of people who listen to Cibo Matto- Japanese-music fans who are much too blind and deaf to realize that all they make is senseless noise, and people who think it's awesome to listen to Engrish and noise. I also see that Cold is on your list- Do you listen to everything Jet Set Radio tells you to? Stop taking music advice from video games. This goes with The Offspring and Bad Religion, too. I bet you just played Crazy Taxi to discover Bad Relgion, and The Offspring can be heard on any 5 year old's radio.

    One shouldn't listen to The Beatles. They are clearly overrated and not any good at all. The fact that many people like them only goes to show how terribly insipid they are.

    What sort of band name is "Fountains of Wayne"? I have never heard of this band but they MUST be terrible, just judging by that.

    Grow up and stop listening to the radio and get some REAL taste!

    (PS: I find it ironic that I pointed out the Cibo Matto first as I love Cibo Matto. Hahah. XD I also didn't recognize most of these bands so I just went for the ones I DID know. I now have every Bad Religion song that's in Crazy Taxi stuck in my head. Have fun tearing into mine, guys! XD

    And Moonspell is a black metal and, later on, gothic metal band. I love them. XD)

    • DackAttac escribió...
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    • 9 Feb 2008, 19:11
    (...That was spookily accurate. XD Missed Reel Big Fish (found them through their a-Ha cover in Samba de Amigo), Crush 40 (Sonic Adventure) & the Space Channel 5 soundtrack, though.)

    • C26000 escribió...
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    • 10 Feb 2008, 5:38
    I'm going to be snob over ZaininOmega :)

    I really don't care how good may The Project Hate MCMXCIX be , if you want to be a serious music listener you need to listen many different bands! look look!! your AEP is -7.64!! OMG that is sooo low!! really, you should start diversifying your taste as soon as possible otherwise nobody will consider you a real music fan!

    as the first post said: 'Not to be taken seriously' ;)

    • Reorxo escribió...
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    • 10 Feb 2008, 9:17
    50 Hertz? That sounds almost like 50 Cent. It probably also sounds as crappy as 50 Cent.

    Hah, Stratovarius? Everyone laugh at this guy. He thinks they sound good when the songs are actually just randomly recorded quitar and keyboard wanking that has no purpose except to be as fast as possible. And even in that - they fail.

    Talulah Gosh? Almost like that queer ballad by Sonata Arctica?

    Protest the Hero?... well... that name reminds like every second indie band out there.

    What the hell is up with you? Are you into clone artists or something? Get some real deal. While at it, forget about music altogether. Your taste is horrible. Even if you did find the right path, I don't want to see you listening to the same music as I.

  • Heh, Sonata Arctica? Do I see a poser over here or what?

    Hey and what about Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden? How about some modern music for a change? And what's with all the bands with those crazy gothic names? What, American music not good for you? Try some Green Day, at least I know what THOSE two words actually mean. Go America!!!

    (sorry, I suck as this shit! lol)

    "If I could choose my own name, I'd choose something that's bold and fits, like anger, aggression, cunningly brash, by the skin of my teeth, but with timing and class." - I and I, Bayside
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    • 12 Feb 2008, 5:08
    I'm bad at this, but that's okay. Because three words pretty much sum it up: My Chemical Romance

    (although this doesn't work too well as an insult once you take a look at our similar artists xD)

    Edit- Oh, man. No one-liners? Okay. This is my last one then xD

    • DJRJ_AU escribió...
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    • 14 Feb 2008, 2:07
    xperfectlysane, Nightwish and Within Temptation??? You're serious????? I expect that sort of top 10 from some angsty 15 year-old Goth wannabe with no friends and whose major expenses (after books of 18th century poetry from Lapland that no-one ever reads) to be foundation, eye-liner and a monthly subscription to the Anne Rice fan club.

    Honestly, take a long, hard look at yourself and ....

    /me takes long look at his own Top 10

    ... Hmmmm. Can I try this again?


  • DJRJ_AU, you listen to LeAnn Rhimes? Nightwish? Joss Stone? Lacuna Coil? Geez, you really love those whiny females, don't you? Your charts need more testosterone!

    (Yeah, I'm bad at this. xD There is SO much stuff to snob over in my charts. I mean come on now, I listen to nu-metal. :P)

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 16 Feb 2008, 17:52
    Wow, you've got nu-metal, crappy rap, and lame pop music. That's just... man, I don't know what to say about that. You're just a mindless sheep, listening to whatever MTV tells you too--or rather, told you to; all those bands are SO 90s; if you're going to be a mindless sheep, at least be one that keeps up with the times. Geez.

    • C26000 escribió...
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    • 16 Feb 2008, 19:30
    oh well, so you think you are very eclectic because you listen to emocore, electronica, alternative,hip hop, pop and gothic metal? guess what? you are not, you are just throwing there random stuff to impress people,certainly it didn't work with me. Get some consistency and invert some time researching a single genre, not flying around like a colibri picking something from here and something from there...


    oh this thing is hard, I think this time turned out a bit better :)

    • Reorxo escribió...
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    • 19 Feb 2008, 21:04
    You, again? Didn't I spell out the message clearly enough the first time? I'll let it slide this time as your music suggests you have trouble processing language, music and pretty much everything else out there.

    Let's keep it simple - get the hell out of here, you're infecting my ears with your mere existence. They're experience enough to pick up even the most subtle of all vibes, including the bad ones. I'm now talking about your music.

    As for the taste. It sucks. Yes, it still does. Bad.
    Slagsmålsklubben and Coheed and Cambria are probably the most untalented musical acts as of late. They sold out the moment they were founded. Selling out in this case is a synonym for sucking. Badly.

    So please, go away before I have to make you cry over the internets. I'm cool like that.

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