Hiphopatitis B.

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This is the group for fans of real Hiphop... There are enough groups on

Hi everybody and welcome to our group Hiphoptitis B. We all have been infected with the hiphopvirus.

Speaking for myself, born in 1981, I have been listening to hip-hop since I heard the soundtrack of the movie 'Colors' (Starring Sean Penn). The title song just blew me away, even though I couldn't understand a word of it (since I was only 8 or 9 years old). I remember that I got my first Ice - T album for my tenth birthday, since then the shit really had hit the fan... The hammer kept smashing my piggy bank continuously and all the hard begged-for cash I had , I 'd spent on records...

Naughty by Nature, 3rd Bass, House of Pain, Run DMC were the next step, followed by Pete Rock, Cypress Hill (Mom, what are they smokin'?)...

Then came the more underground stuff, home made Belgian hip-hop dough: mixtapes, vinyl, concerts,... I discovered tons of new shit: de Putra Madre, 8mm, Starflam, CNN, DJ Flip(rest in peace), Grazzhoppa & TLP, Souterrain Squad,...

And now the last few months have also really been a revelation thanks to the journey into hiphop didn' t come to an end, it just fuckin' began...

The purpose of this group is to bring all hip-hop lovers worldwide together and get in touch with some new stuff.

I will regularly post topics on the forum. I hope there will be many responses. You can also check out our forum for some movie clips.

Greetz and Peace out...

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