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A group for users of the gadgets at

This group is for people that use the gadgets on In the forum there is place to discuss bugs, questions, comments and suggestions.

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  • COandCA4life

    @CrossProduct: Excellent. Thanks very much!

    17 Jul 14:18 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    @COandCA4life: Your current image is created on July 10th and will be refreshed on July 17th. Update rate for 1 month collage for non premium users is 7 days. Cheers!

    16 Jul 14:17 Responder
  • COandCA4life

    Love the album collage, but mine won't update. It shows the updated version when I'm on your website, but the one on my profile hasn't changed in at least a couple of weeks. Let me know if you need more detailed info, and thanks for your tools!

    15 Jul 17:32 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    @anto30: I don't know what went wrong. It is fixed but you need to clear your browser cache/history first and then refresh your page.

    6 May 20:07 Responder
  • anto30

    Currently isn't working for me.

    6 May 18:56 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    I want to thank anyone who has donated! The last weeks I have received enough donations to cover the costs for the next 4/5 months! That is really awesome!

    8 Abr 15:27 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    When making a donation please be sure to fill in the username field on the paypal page. It is a bit hidden but I cannot do anything about that. In case you have missed it please send me a private message. I will also e-mail to the e-mail address connected to the paypal account to ask for the username. I will always send you a message at the moment you are made a premium user so if you don't hear anything in +- 24 hours please contact me.

    4 Abr 15:06 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    Thank you ZiiriZ for your donation and kind words :)

    2 Abr 19:48 Responder
  • ZiiriZ

    I just upgraded to premium. I think it's a wonderful tool and I'm happy to pay a few bucks for it :). And it's only one time payment so no big deal. Keep up the good work! :)

    2 Abr 19:06 Responder
  • charlsw


    30 Mar 12:59 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    I've added some small, still experimental, new features. It is now possible to include a small header in the image that says what the image displays, for example "favorite albums in the last 12 months" and in the custom artist and album collages it is possible to show a track play count in every item.

    30 Mar 2:25 Responder
  • okapi28


    25 Mar 18:00 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    @okapi28: Hello, I have received it, thank you, and I will take care of it :) I will let you know with a private message when it is done.

    25 Mar 17:46 Responder
  • okapi28

    Please contact if not, thank you very much.

    25 Mar 17:36 Responder
  • okapi28

    Hello, I just made the transfer of money, is everything okay?

    25 Mar 17:35 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    @eternityseconds: yes, the number of rows is restricted to three in collages.

    23 Mar 16:45 Responder
  • eternityseconds

    Hello. Is the use of these tools now restricted? My collage has updated recently and is much smaller.

    23 Mar 11:16 Responder
  • CrossProduct

    I appreciate your effort in finding a free server but the offered server is not going to be sufficient in many ways (disk space, bandwidth, cpu, memory.) I favor reliability over free. But thank you anyway. Also, if you think is free. Think again. It is full of ads and sponsored links. Your listening statistics have value for a company like

    22 Mar 19:24 Responder
  • Rahvakunstnik


    22 Mar 19:04 Responder
  • r-culpi

    I just stopped using it.

    21 Mar 21:41 Responder
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