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  • I have a great talent at pissing people off. I mean, I might sound like a dick for saying that's a cool thing but I always win a fight, always. (unless it's physical, then I just die).

    What's your ancestry like?

  • i'm russian and ukrainian.

    what did you have for dinner?

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 15 Abr 2012, 20:04

    What's your favourite album?

  • Obsolete by Fear Factory.

    How many houses have you lived in?

  • four

    what is your all time favorite band?

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    • 16 Abr 2012, 0:13

    what's your favourite food?

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    • 16 Abr 2012, 0:44

    What's your favorite drink?

    • Kennoth escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 16 Abr 2012, 1:58
    Pepsi Twist or Orangina I suppose.


  • Apple juice or Red Bull.

    What was the last word you spoke?

    • ojikuma escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 16 Abr 2012, 4:00

    how much should i pay for haircuts?

    You're your brain
  • No more than ten dollars, honestly.

    What's your favorite book?

  • The Diamond Age

    What was the last thing you read?

    sometimes i look at my feet but then i look away at once because feet are repulsive
  • Ooku vol. 1 and 2 (manga)

    Do you workout?

  • Yep - 5 days a week

    Do you play any instruments?

  • yeah...the keyboard :)

    are you smiling right now?

  • Yes, like always :D

    What are you thinking about right now?

  • Orange Bastards and Arsenal-Wigan football match

    Same question

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    • 16 Abr 2012, 20:30
    Going to bed before 1am


    What colour are your eyes?

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 16 Abr 2012, 22:55

    How accurate are the tags in your library?

  • For the most part, accurate.

    Do you think people can have more than one soul mate?

    • Kennoth escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 17 Abr 2012, 10:23
    I'm not sure if they can even have one.

    When was the last time you were absolutely soaking wet from rain?

  • too long..stupid desert.

    What is your favorite dessert?

  • chocolate cake with cream and strawberries

    what is your favorite animal and why?

    • TheOnlyN escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 17 Abr 2012, 15:21
    Cats, because they're cute ( I would say dogs, but I get scared by them a lot :D )

    Where do you see yourself in 50 years?

  • Probably dead

    Where do you want to be tomorrow?

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