• Review and Release

    25 Feb 2008, 2:00 de mystified13

    Mystified News

    A nice review of "D-Program" has been posted by Ian at Wonderful Wooden Reasons webzine.

    Check in the February 2008 issue:

    More info. on "D-Program" available here:

    Also, a new release-- this one, a noisy electronic jamboree from last year that was never released due to some misunderstanding.

    Completely-Gone Recordings have picked up the project, "Static Motion". Check it out here:
  • Universe at War: Earth Assault OST

    24 Feb 2008, 11:05 de Ankle0000

    For all those longing for more delicious C&C-style music Petroglyph Games released the soundtrack to Universe at War: Earth Assault for download. The entire soundtrack is written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Frank Klepacki so you can be assured its going to be awesome and eargasmic experience the moment your download completes and you hit play.

    A natural progression of Frank Klepacki's music combining the various rock, metuhl, electronic, ambient and orchestral styles in TD + RA + Dune2k + Emperor:BFD + RA2 is probably the best way I can describe this OST. Now I can't wait for the next Universe at War or any other Petroglyph games just for the chance of another delicious soundtrack like this.

    You can grab the 37 songs in 160kbps mp3 from these mirror(s):;85202
  • Two New Free Downloadable Releases including a new The Silent Ballet Compilation

    23 Feb 2008, 13:44 de LossofaChild

    The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 7

    Volume VII gathers fifteen artists from around the world to bring you what we believe is our most exciting compilation yet. Unlike previous efforts, our winter compilation focuses almost entirely on solo projects and musical duos, primarily pulling from the digital realm of experimentation.

    Free from compromise, these artists are capable of embracing every last whim, and this spontaneity and energy is readily on display. We hope our readers enjoy these musicians as much as we do.

    Tracklisting :
    1. Millimetrik featuring port-royal - Les Artefacts du Futur
    2. The Ansion - I Spell Weird, Wierd
    3. Boy Is Fiction - Heart and Powder
    4. Glowworm - The Captive
    5. Beneva vs. Clark Nova - 88 Kilos of Excrement
    6. Parachutes - Your Stories
    7. D Rradio - So Long
    8. Arms and Sleepers - Butterflycatcher
    9. juxta phona featuring OFFTHESKY - Trust Roullette
    10. Arctic Hospital - Northern Wish
    11. Cheju - Spools (Rewound)
    12. Akira Kosemura - It’s on Everything
    13. Celer - Unreleased Theme for a Film
    14. Tsukimono - Oh Patti Smith, When Will You Let Me Go

    Download from here :


    Roncatto Braathen is an ambient post-rock duo based in Peterborough, England. They released 2 EPs in 2006, debut Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires, and Victory Advancement, both home –produced and received underground and critical acclaim for it’s mix of various experimental styles, from ambient, post-rock, experimental, and minimal. Both EPs sold out of there limited pressing, and the band are now working on new material for 2008.

    “…an inventive, moving and excellent EP with just two band members, making ‘Victory Advancement’ a great example of the benefits of post-rock downsizing.” - Leonard’s Lair webzine

    Tracklisting :

    Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires
    1. Explosions.Fires
    2. When He First Appears, He Is
    3. San Martin (re-edit)
    4. May Grace Be With You In All
    5. Oh Captain, My Captain

    Victory Advancement
    1. The Melody Haunts My Reverie
    2. Oh Captain, My Captain
    3. Foolishness Is Bound In The Heart Of A Child
    4. Fugue
    5. Oh Captain (reprise)
    6. A Mechanism Buried Inside You

    Download from here :

    As always, please forward this on if you enjoy the music!


    Lost Children

    Complete list of releases :

    Double Handsome Dragons
    Half of Sidearm, a couple of others and a sprinkling of moondust. Or Alternative-Electronica-tinged, Instrumental Rock which jumps and blasts about with subtlety. Take your pick.
    ....Double Handsome Dragons 1 - EP

    Final Light
    Electronic beats fused with classical post-rock, mixing ambient piano and synth string sections atop driving electronic drums and glitch sounds.
    ....Lights Out - Demo EP
    ....To Stop an Exploding Man... - Full Length

    French Teen Idol
    Melancholic piano patterns, dreamy atmospheres, vocal samples and striking instrumental crescendos dominate this stunning second full length release
    ....Enlightened False Consciousness - Full Length

    Johnny Poindexter
    A post rock dream run through a shoegazers nightmare. It's atmospheric and haunting, yet textured and tuneful.
    ....Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces - Full Length

    Josh Elliott
    A powerful, dramatic and an emotional blend of sweeping pianos and Glitch loops, mixing a classical style with technical progressive music.
    ....In Light Passing - EP
    ....These Stars, Our Flame - EP

    Loss of a Child
    A classically-influenced instrumental rock noise that has unforeseen importance in the modern world of music.
    ....The Future Symphony - Full Length
    ....Caught and Lost - Full Length
    ....Adam and Eve - Full Length
    ....Full Albums

    Incorporating classical structures and instruments alongside electronica to creates atmospheric piano-lead compositions and pulsing post-rock.
    ....Honey - Full Length

    noise room
    Italian Instrumental Post-Metal band with subtle ambience and great use of varied instruments around the guitar base.
    ....The End of the Lord's Constellation - EP

    Melodic instrumental post-rock, ranging from quiet ambience to distorted climaxes.
    ....Sleeping in Airports - Full Length

    Part Rocket
    Leftfield instrumental music, weaving from quiet and rhythmic, to full on intense and distorted mayhem.
    ....Kneel Before the Throne and Drink the Blood of your Own - EP

    Roncatto Braathen
    A mix of various experimental styles, from ambient, post-rock, experimental, and minimal
    ....Victory Advancement and Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires - Double EP

    Scissor Lock
    Ambient Electronica mixed with chilled out Post-Rock
    ....Above and Below - Double EP

    Melodic jump-drop indie crash-out with complexities and the odd influence from the post- genres
    ....Don't Cry Help Until You're Dead - EP

    The Silent Ballet : Compilation
    Various compilation featuring Caspian, Yndi Halda, UpCDownC, Mt. and more.
    ....Volume 1 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring God Is An Astronaut, Magyar Posse, From The Sky, Gifts from Enola and more.
    ....Volume 2 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring The American Dollar, Sumner McKane, Romance of Young Tigers, Worriedaboutsatan and more.
    ....Volume 3 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring pg.lost, Beware of Safety, Scraps of Tape, Signal Hill, Giants and more.
    ....Volume 4 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring This Is A Process Of Still Life, El Ten Eleven, Souvenir’s Young America, Red Light Chamber Choir and more.
    ....Volume 5 - Full Length
    Varius compilation featuring The Evpatoria Report, My Education, Strangers Die Every Day, Last Days and more.
    ....Volume 6 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring Millimetrik featuring Port-Royal, Akira Kosemura, Parachutes, The Ansion and more.
    ....Volume 7 - Full Length

    Relaxed ambient experimental sounds.
    ....Anthology : 2005 - 2006 - Double Full Length

    Driving instrumental epic post-rock with a Southern Hemispherian twinge
    ....sleepmakeswaves - Demo EP

    Instrumental noisy post-rock band from France.
    ....ERS-1 - EP
    ....ERS-2 - EP

    Stray Borders
    Post-Rock influenced Alternative Rock from Wales via Chicago (though not literally - bonus points for people who get the references....).
    ....Deletive Expleted - EP

    The Shy Trafficker
    Instrumental indie-jazz-rock three piece that build thematic “songs within a song” based around rhythmic complexity.
    ....Hard Fought, Found Thought - Full Length

    Predominantly Instrumental, Shoegazing, Ambient, Space Rock. Which makes as much sense as they do but thankfully the music is a lot more co-ordinated!
    ....Early Transmissions - Full Length

    Guitar lead instrumental rock influenced by a passion for nature, emotions and all kinds of music.
    ....Harmattan - Demo EP
    ....Broadleaves vs Conifers - EP
  • SEX

    23 Feb 2008, 10:53 de Ixtlan

    A 15-episode audiosensual exploration of sex phenomenology by Gas of Latvia (aka Andžons) was released in 2003 on a plain pink cd in a minimalistic pink envelope as a cooperation among Sturm [Mandat 10] and Melo Rec. The content of this album will take you to the fields of , and , where imaginary minimalism turms into seismic pulsation of bass, and precise, crystal-clear chaos marks the trajectory of intense relaxation. The splices of frequencies and aesthetics of resonations are the characteristic features of a sexual process. Here is a transformation of intimacy into terms of music, noise and vibration. The musical context is outlined by fragments from the record “Sexual Education”, 1959.

    Gas of Latvia


    Sex (2)
  • Cheju/Shoosh Split 3" CD Review At Igloomag

    22 Feb 2008, 17:57 de cm1974

    (02.22.08) After a lengthy hiatus, UK-based label Awkward Silence makes a welcome return to the electronic music scene. Having previously released a series of acclaimed split 7” singles featuring artists such as Arovane, Lowfish, Skanfrom, Sybarite, Bauri, Novel 23, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls, Maps and Diagrams and Isan to name just a few, the label resumes activities with split single from Cheju and newcomers Shoosh. Limited to just 300 copies, the single comes housed in a sleek little m-lock CD case complete with its familiar black and white Awkward Silence styled artwork. Picking up where they left off, the label continue their ongoing series on limited edition 3” CDr's which allow them to include up to 21 minutes of music with each split release. They have also introduced a digital format.

    Cheju is UK-based electronic musician and producer Wil Bolton who co-owns respected electronic music label Boltfish Recordings. A prolific artist in his own right, Bolton has EP, album and digital releases for labels including Smallfish, Rednetic Recordings, Static Caravan, Boltfish, October Man Recordings, Kahvi and Camomille (to name just a few) and also has collaborative projects withMint and Zainetica. For his two tracks on this release he sticks to what he knows and does best; melodic electronic music. The first of Bolton’s tracks, “Moody Copy,” is a melodic flowing track with gently cascading guitar, discrete little reversed effects and crunchy, slightly metallic beats. His second contribution, “Drogo,” is again resplendent with smooth flowing texture, harpsichord-like melodies and precise snappy beats. Of the two tracks, “Drogo” is the darker and more reflective but by no means melancholic.

    Shoosh, the trio of Ed Drury, Neil Carlill and Craig Murphy, have a different approach to their music. More guitar-based than Cheju, Shoosh features a love-it-or-hate-it vocal style. Their track “Elastic Soil” is predominantly guitar-based but also features some soaring electronic textures underneath it all. Their second track, “Come in from the Cold,” is weirder still vocally and features shimmering electronic swirls and acoustic guitar. The first of their tracks sounds like David Bowie meets Genesis P Orridge while the second is more like Bob Dylan; both sound like drug-addled psychedelic folk.

    Awkward Silence’s return produces two distinctly different tracks; Cheju produces two crunchy melodic electronic tracks while Shoosh offer uniquely blissed out weird psychedelic folk excursions. It is good to see that Awkward Silence are willing to experiment with pushing boundaries and introducing something a bit out of the ordinary to listening public. Look out for more releases from the label in coming months, who knows what they will come up with next!
  • TIP: KulturWiki !!!

    22 Feb 2008, 13:15 de TheCyb

    Da gibt's jetzt was feines:

    Ein Wiki-ableger, in dem Eure persönliche Meinung gefragt ist und das nicht straight wie ein Lexikon auf Fakten beruht. Da findet eine eigene Kategorie für Musiker.

    Hier mal ein kurzer Ausschnitt aus der Beschreibung:
    „Jedes Ding hat drei Seiten: Eine, die Du siehst, eine, die ich sehe und eine - die wir alle nicht sehen.“ (Alte chinesische Weisheit)

    Darauf gründet unsere Idee gemeinsam mit Ihnen allen ein Kulturforum zu erschaffen, welches Dinge so beleuchtet - wie sie üblicherweise in der großen Wikipedia nicht beleuchtet werden können, da der Umfang den Rahmen der enzyklopädischen Intention bei weitem sprengen würde.

    Bei unseren Artikeln ist gerne auch die eigene Meinung relevant, die Bewertung, die eigene Färbung.
  • [LCL09] Cosmiq Ryoku (Azzurro / Hyqo / Volfoniq)

    22 Feb 2008, 9:33 de pakupaku

    [LCL09] Azzurro, Hyqo & Volfoniq : Cosmiq Ryoku

    [clic cover to go to full download page - cliquez sur la pochette pour télécharger le release]

    01 - Volfoniq rmx Azzurro : "Gishiki dub"
    02 - Azzurro rmx Volfoniq : "suoni sul tamburo canzone"
    03 - Hyqo rmx Volfoniq : "Reactiv<ib>es Dub"

    *** English ***

    This release comes from the collaboration Volfoniq made with two japanese artists : HYQO and Azzurro, both producing hip hop/abstract hip hop. The first track (Gishiki Dub) has been edited on a vinyl EP from Azzurro out on Loud&Proud records in Japan, october 2007. The second one will be out on a future EP comming on spring 2008...

    *** Français ***
    Ce release est issu de la collaboration de Volfoniq avec deux artistes Japonais : HYQO et Azzurro, oeuvrant tous deux dans le hip hop/abstract hip hop. Le premier morceau (Gishiki Dub) a été édité sur un maxi vinyle d'Azzurro sorti chez Loud&Proud records au japon en octobre 2007.Le second sera édité sur un futur maxi vinyle à sortir au printemps 2008.

    Tracks under Creative Commons licence (by-nc-nd 3.0)
    Released on Les Cristaux Liquident 02/2008

    *** Webs ***

    Azzurro :
    Hyqo :
    Volfoniq :

    Get more music on !
  • A CD-length mix of freely-downloadable industrial, power noise, & other dark…

    21 Feb 2008, 3:19 de synthgeek

  • emp048 - Shaun Blezard - Commissions

    21 Feb 2008, 2:45 de earthmp

    Shaun Blezard

    Shaun is a community based audio/visual artist who lives on Barrow Island in Cumbria, UK. He has worked as an artist, musician, producer, composer and workshop leader for the likes of Sonic Arts Network, Welfare State International, The Sage Gateshead, Youth Music, Whitewood & Fleming, Age Concern, Grizdale Arts, Shoreline Films, The Ashton Group, Artifacts, The Word Hoard and Barrow Borough Council.
    He is also an experienced live sound technician and sound recordist and runs Earth Monkey Productions

    Thumbelina & Erazerbyrd - Written with Mike Willoughby for the soundtrack to the short film The Egg, directed by Steve Wharton.

    Lindal Postcard & Grizedale Postcard - Created with pupils from Lindal & Marton Primary School (Lindal Postcard) & Barrow Island Primary School (Grizedale Postcard) as part of Sonic Arts Network project Sonic Postcards

    Dybbk & Carmageddon - Written for the soundtrack to Welfare State International’s community film Braken Hollow

    Bedroom, Round and Round & Sleepwalk - Written for the soundtrack to the short film The Paperlad, directed by John Hall

    Ann & Phelps - Written for a Furness Enteprise business seminar in the style chat show themes

    Footprints Project - Instalation piece commissioned by The Natioan Trust for the opening of the Footprints Project building

    Germany Soundscape - Written for a Football Focus feature on football photograher Stuart Clarke during the World Cup in 2006, created in a hotel room in Nurenburg whilst filming a documentary for Homes Of Football. Unused in the end as we couldn’t find anywhere to email it to the BBC in time for broadcast

    Let’s Celebrate - Written with pupils from Brisbane Park Primary School as part of Youth Music project Music Factory - a 3 year music project put together by Barrow Borough Council

    Lowick School Of Pop - Written with pupils from Lowick School and poet Ann Wilson as part of the campaign to keep the school open, sadly the school closed and the pupils now have to travel to other schools

    Snow White Theme - Written for the Grizedale Arts pantomine Wolfing It Down In The Forest

    Soundskank - Remix of recordings from Welfare State International’s music project Sound Explorers. Written for evaluation CD-Rom

    The Secret Garden - Installation piece written with fellow artists John Hall and Ann Wilson with young people in workshops at Forum Twenty Eight in Barrow-in-Furness as part of their Summer Mix project

    Tideracer - Written for contempory dance company DARE for LEAP ‘06 dance festival held in Liverpool.

    The Millers Song - Written with young people and poet Ann Wilson as part of Heron Corn Mill’s Youth Music project Heron Song. This recording is from the final concert.

    For more information visit &
    Shaun Blezard @ Myspace
  • Special Free Piece Celebrates Lunar Eclipse

    20 Feb 2008, 21:04 de mystified13

    Mystified Piece

    On February 20, 2008, the Americas and Western Europe will experience a total lunar eclipse, as the earth's shadow moves across the moon.

    Mystified composed a special dark ambient piece to celebrate this event, with elements of drone, ambience, homemade and world sounds, light dissonance, and tribal rhythms.

    Eclipses have meant many things for many peoples over the years-- from terrifying apocalyptic visions and predictions to simple but incredible feasts for the eyes. Make this piece, "Lunar Eclipse", a feast for your ears.