Your favourite FT cover.

  • Your favourite FT cover.

    we all know he's doing loads of brilliant covers, so what are your favourites? i've two amazing ones i couldn't decide between, the first being the one mentioned in the shoutbox already, The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, originally by The Postal Service:

    and the second one is Prayer To God, originally by the legendary Shellac:

    oh, and an honourable mention to Dancing Queen, originally by ABBA, here performed with Jonah Matranga:

    "well, i'll come round your bench, yeah..." always cracks me up and has become an inside joke with.... myself, really... pathetic, i know ;)

    We are what we believe.
    • fionchadd escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 19 Oct 2008, 11:00
    he has a cover of "you are my sunshine" on his myspace page, which is awesome

    "you encourage the eating of ice cream, and you would somersault in the sand with me"
  • The huntsman comes A-marchin' originally by Chris T-T wins for me

    but i really like:
    Tesco At Christmas (beans on toast)
    Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag)

    and just for the lol's
    Vatican Broadside (Half Man Half Biscuit)
    Dancing Queen (with rob brydon)

    • Wezzeth escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 19 Oct 2008, 21:12
    My favourite Frank turner covers have to be "the outdoor type" by the lemon heads & the postal service cover he did. Im a big Fan of the postal service, Ben Gibbard in general, so to here frank sing a cover of one of Ben's songs just makes things even more amazing!

    love it!

    • Theop36 escribió...
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    • 20 Oct 2008, 12:04

    Dancing Queen

    when he toured with Jonah Matranga, Jacob Golden and Joshua English they all finished with an awesome rendition of Dancing Queen

    was excellent (Y)


  • does an acoustic version of a Million Dead song count as a cover? because the acoustic version of After The Rush Hour is ace!

    We are what we believe.
  • Outdoor Type and After The Rush Hour are probs top dogs for me, although basically all of the above; always feel a bit bad for Chris T-T as Frank sings his song better.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 8 Dic 2008, 9:15
    Frank's cover of Propagandhi's The State Lottery is simply stunning. The original is great, but this is even better:

  • I Want To Break Free by Queen

    The second song I'd ever heard by Frank. He played it on Steve Lamacq's Radio 1 show. It was this song that made me a fan.

    I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places
  • District Sleeps Alone Tonight and Outdoor Type

    Those two songs are absolutely brilliant. I love the Postal Service, but Frank seems to put so much more heart and soul behind the lyrics!! Frank is always ace, though, so I'm not surprised.

  • I'll have to say The Outdoor Type. I adored the original but the cover is even better. The song suits his voice so well.

  • prayer to god and nervous breakdown

    • Gordi-13 escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 21 Oct 2009, 9:53
    Thunder Road but strangely not the one he did on the Austin Lucas split but the one he did on the Stephen Merchant show (with Rob Brydon adding some ad-hoc backing vocals)

  • has to be district sleeps alone tonight - i love the original but love FT's even more :)

  • His 'cover' of Smiling at Strangers on Trains is pretty sweet.

  • thunder road is better than the original if you ask me

    • gibbo209 escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 23 Ago 2010, 20:56
    Outdoor Type was the first song I heard from Frank Turner, and I only realised later it was a cover.

    Such an awesome cover and I've been listening to him and that song ever since.

    We're definitely going to hell, but we'll have all the best stories to tell.
  • They are all awesome in their own way, but my favourite is 'The District Sleeps Alone...' by some distance. Especially the above performance of it.

    • Julialula escribió...
    • Suscriptor
    • 27 Sep 2010, 21:48
    at this very moment it's "I want to break free". He did that one on Saturday in Hamburg. Everybody was singing along.... it was soooo good! :)

    Found this on youtube:

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