• I really should go to bed now, but I think I'll listen to some more music instead. :)

  • Hi, I have a job that requires me to be up and about morning and afternoon, but I still can't seem to hold to a decent sleep pattern. I prefer staying up until the wee hours listening to music, reading, and going for moonlit walks that hopefully won't get me eaten my mountain lions. (So far, so good.)

    Here's to more late nights, and thank the stars for caffeine in all it's glorious forms.

  • Greetings, my name is Gabriel and i don't really like to sleep. I think its a waste of time. Besides, sleeping its for those who don't have a stable internet connection, imho.

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    • 6 Mar 2012, 2:51
    Hola! :-)

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    • 3 Abr 2012, 2:50
    hi! i have narcolepsy. my main reason for little sleep.

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    • 3 Abr 2012, 14:18
    Hi! My name is Christine and I don't sleep because I'm too busy being a nerdy student and badass partier :) No rest for the wicked....

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    • 24 Abr 2012, 13:37
    I'm Brady. Used to have really bad insomnia, the cause of which was mostly stress and anxiety. Once I got that mostly under some sort of control, I then became a sort-of insomniac out of habit, thanks to music, EvE online and the endless infinity of the Internetz.

    \m/ (⌐■_■) \m/
  • Hello. I'm Jonathan and I can hardly ever go to sleep before 2 AM, regardless of what I have to do the next day and how early I have to do it.

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    • 11 Jul 2012, 16:31
    Hello fellow sleep deprived people, I'm Rachel and my staying up lateness varies from 11pm (no shock there) till 4am. As a self-employed artist I can sort of get away with these dodgy hours, but end up napping in the afternoon.

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    • 14 Jul 2012, 10:52
    Until about a year ago, I worked the graveyard shift for 9 years. I would stay up all day, and not get enough sleep, then go to work at midnight.

    Still, that many years working all night really screwed up my sleep pattern. Now, I have the time to sleep at night and I still average about 2-4 hours of spotty sleep ever night.

    They don't call it graveyard shift for nothing....

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  • Why'd I waste so much time on Pandora, anyway? It's midnight and I already love last.fm

    The night's starting, all those annoying prats in the near vicinity are asleep. Time to strip down to boxers, pop a can of Cherry Dr Pepper, and waste my time... er, I mean compute my ass off. Start that business I've been toying around at.

  • Hello. I like this group and funny how many people are here. I had no idea so many people stay up so late. :)

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    • 14 Sep 2012, 22:49
    Hello, I'm Kristi. It's late here Estonia, i should sleep. But instead i listen music or watch Criminal Minds. :) I really like being up late. It's awesome :D

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    • 28 Sep 2012, 1:07
    harro! bing bong ching chong. Im not a racist, I just like south park. In their good times. Have a good one!

  • I sometimes suffer from insomnia; I get nights where my mind is just too active, and I drift in and out of consciousness. When this happens, I get up and log into my computer, just to do something active. I might also watch some US crime drama, which helps. By 4am, I usually am able to sleep.

  • Meh, I just don't feel like sleeping.

  • I'm Allie, 25, and I LOVE country music. I also stay up all night just because. Now, I have to stop all of this because I start my new job Friday afternoon.

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    • 20 Dic 2012, 23:36
    this is why i can't sleep!!!!

    skater brian fast racing thoughts everyday is exactly the same temptations

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    • 14 Ene 2013, 1:08

    Buh? Buh.

    I'm Tony. I'm a RN, and usually it's ok if I stay up way too late because I work AFTERNOONS WOOWOOWOO. But i'm stuck on days this next week and i'm not completely thrilled at the prospect. But, an 8 hour shift goes by in the blink of an eye. Besides, it's only like 8 something right now. But I have to get up at 5. Why bother sleeping if that's my bedtime?

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    • 15 Mar 2013, 23:43
    Hi, I really should head to bed early during the week as I have to be up early for work, but 2am is such a good time to be awake...

    Now you're under control, and you do what they tell you


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    • 23 Oct 2013, 2:52
    I have to wake up at 5 to go to work at 6:30 and it's nice 20 min drive. I can't seem to get to bed until after 1

  • For some reason I can't never get to sleep at typical common times (11:00 PM; 12:00 PM...but wait is that a normal time?). Since some years ago I've adquired this "strange weird habit" to watch TV in mute until very late at night, so I end up sleeping at 3:00 or 2:00 PM to wake up at 7:30 AM. I'm very sleepy right now and weak, I hate this, I might look for help.

    Live from someplace with the MDR-V6.
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    • 7 Nov 2013, 12:59
    hi, i sleep maybe about 1 time every other month and only for 3 hours as id rather be doing other things such as using technology listening to music and playing video games i just think sleeping gets in the way also sleeping takes up over half of your life why do you want to give up half of your life to laying down on a bed
    i have chronic insomnia as well it is the main reason i dont sleep

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