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    Other bands with releases currently scheduled for 2012:

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  • Waiting For:

    Tracklist: Doro - Raise Your Fist (Oct 19)

    Release Date: lapis lazuli - Lost

    If you find any of this information, please post it here so I can add it :)

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    Pages Coming Soon:

    (08-12) In This Moment - Blood
    (08-15) Kaira - Not for Angels
    (09-12) The Gathering - Disclosure
    (10-18) Doro - Raise Your Fist
    (11-23) Ancient Pyre - Fifty Years Later

    Upcoming releases:


    Past Releases:

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  • Pythia - New Album 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pythia: The extraordinary band of Symphonic / Power / Gothic Metal, has announced its second album "The Serpent's Curse", which will be released on February 27, 2012 with Golden Axe via Genepool / Universal. Also the new single will be accompanied with a new official video.

    More news on:


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    • 21 Nov 2011, 23:16
    Tristania and Elis are working on new albuns. I think we can wait for a 2012 release

  • Voices of Destiny - New Album 2012

    The German band Symphonic Heavy Metal. launched in early 2012, his second album entitled "Power Dive" by the label Massacre Records. The album art was designed by Jan Yrlund.

    Disc Preview

    Cover and more info at:
    Official Facebook

    Voices of Destiny

  • Xandria - New Album 2012

    The German band Symphonic Gothic Metal, returns with his new album entitled "Neverworld's End", which will be launched on 22 February 2012 by the label Napalm Records. The extraordinary vocalist Manuela Kralle will be responsible for giving a new era for the band.

    Studio Diary

    Cover and more info at:
    Official Facebook


  • The Way of Purity's Equate to be released at the beginning of the year. No release date yet.

  • Cadaveria - New Album 2012

    The Italian band Symphonic Gothic / Doom / Black Metal, launches January 31, 2012, their fourth album entitled "Horror Metal" with the seal Bakerteam Records.

    1.Flowers In Fire
    2.The Night's Theatre
    Vision 3.Death
    4.Whispers of Sin
    6.The Days of the After and Behind
    8.The Oracle (Of the Fog)
    10.This Is Not the Silence
    Psychosis 11.Hypnotic

    Studio Report Part I

    Cover and more information
    Official Site


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    • 2 Dic 2011, 14:33
    Diabulus in Musica also is going to release a new album next year, the Napalm Records Newsletter told so =B

  • Diabulus in Musica - New Album 2012

    The Spanish band Symphonic Power / Gothic Metal, launches February 29, 2012, his second album entitled "The Wanderer" with the label Napalm Records.

    This work has been mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. The work has been done by the great artist Stefan Heilemann.

    1. A Journey´s End (Intro)
    2. Ex Nihilio
    3. Sceneries of Hope
    4. Blazing a Trail
    5. Call from a Rising Memory (Intro)
    6. Hidden Reality
    7. Shadow of the Throne
    8. Allegory of Faith, Innocence and Future
    9. Sentenced to Life
    10. Ohiuka Bihotzetik
    11. No Time for Repentance (Lamentatio)
    12. The Wanderer

    Cover and More Information:
    Official Facebook

    Diabulus In Musica

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  • Denun: New Album 2012 !!!!!!!!!

    The band Alternative / Gothic Metal from Chile, in March 2012 released her second studio album entitled "Apocalypse Pretty" with the label Roadrunner Records.

    Cover and More Information:
    Official Facebook

    Video Oficial


  • Wykked Wytch - New Album 2012 !!!!!!!!!!

    The band Black / Melodic Death Metal, from the United States, launches February 14, 2012, his fifth studio album entitled "The Ultimate Deception", stamped Goomba Music.


    More Information:
    Official Facebook


    Wykked Wytch

  • Akphaezya in March 2012 !

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    • 7 Dic 2011, 3:56
    Delain's new album is called We Are the Others

  • Xandria - Tracklist

    1. A Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall
    2. Valentine
    3. Forevermore
    5. Euphoria
    4. Blood On My Hands
    6. Soulcrusher
    7. The Dream is still Alive
    8. The Lost Elysion
    9. Call Of The Wind
    10. A Thousand letters
    11. Cursed
    12. The Nomad´s Crown
    13. When the Mirror Cracks (bonus track)

  • Shear in March 2012 !

  • Inner Fear: New Album 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    The band Symphonic Extreme / Dark Metal from Czech Republic, launches January 1, 2012 their fourth album entitled "'Fear First Born."

    This work will be released for free download from their website: www.innerfear.org

    Cover and More Information:
    Official Facebook

    Disc Trailer

    Listen to the advancement of Fear song Proclaimed

    Inner Fear

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    • 8 Dic 2011, 16:51

    Amberian Dawn's new Album

    it will be colled "Circus Black" and it will be released on 29th February!

  • Very cool, thanks guys ;)

    The pages for these will all be up soon, I'm just changing the way the group looks for 2012 so I don't put them up until it's time to take 2011 ones down :S

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    • 9 Dic 2011, 0:51

    Akphaezya's new album

    revealed the name (Anthology IV : The Tragedy of Nerak), the cover and the trackist

  • L’Âme Immortelle: New Album 2012

    The band Austrian Industrial Metal / Gothic Metal, launches January 27, 2012, his new studio album entitled "Momente".

    01. L’Étang Mâlo
    02. No Goodbye
    03. Absolution
    04. Wie Tränen im Regen
    05. Empty
    06. Demon be gone
    07. The Heart
    08. Banish
    09. Why can’t I make you feel
    10. Dort draussen
    11. Hold me


    More information
    Official Site

    L’Âme Immortelle

  • Amberian Dawn: New Album 2012

    The band Symphonic / Neoclassical Power Metal from Finland, launches February 29, 2012 their fourth studio album entitled "Black Circus" with the seals Spinefarm Records and Universal Music Group.

    1. Circus Black
    2. Cold Kiss
    3. Crimson Flower
    4. Charnel’s Ball
    5. Fight
    6. Letter
    7. I Share With You This Dream
    8. Rivalry Between Good And Evil (Instrumental)
    9. Guardian
    10. Lily Of The Moon


    More Information
    Official Site

    Amberian Dawn

  • Akphaezya: New Album 2012

    The French band Avantgarde Metal, released in March 2012, his second album "Anthology IV: The Tragedy of Neraka" with the label Code666 (Aural Music Group).

    Anthology IV : The tragedy of Nerak
    (1) Πρόλογος / Prologos
    Act I : Spring

    (2) Scene I : A slow vertigo…
    (3) Scene II : Σωφροσύνη / Sophrosyne
    Act II : Summer

    (4) Scene I : Utopia
    (5) Scene II : Υβρις / Húbris
    (6) Transe H.L. 2

    Act III : Autumn
    (7) Scene I : Genesis
    (8) Scene II : Dystopia
    Act IV : Winter

    (9) Scene I : Nemesis
    (10) Scene II : …The harsh verdict
    (11) Επιλογος / Epilogos


    More Information
    Aural web Store


  • Souls of Diotima - New Album 2012

    Italian progressive/power metal have finished recording their new studio album, “What Remains Of The Day” that will be released in early 2012 with the label to be defined. The album was recorded at Massive Arts Studios in Milan with producers Giacomo Garufi e Alberto Cutolo, who have already worked with, among others, with bands like “Lacuna Coil”, “Skunk Anensie,” “The Black Eyed Peas,” “Extrema”, “HIM”.

    track list:
    1. Pandora
    2. Pandora
    3. The Battle Of Marduk and Tiamat
    4. Von Braun
    5. Children Of The King
    6. Sandy’s Flight
    7. Rising Souls
    8. What Remains Of The Day
    9. Endless Sky
    10. Secular Commedy
    11. Von Braun ITA (Bonus Track)


    Souls of Diotima

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