• Analyze of Dustin Kensrue's Album 'Please Come Home'

    16 Jun 2007, 15:21 de wooz86

    Well... I felt like doing this analyzation because I've tried to describe this record to too many friends, too many times. So I thought I'd write a track-by-track analyzation here, because every track on this record is very unique and different from the other. So, here it goes!

    1.I Knew You Before (03:55)
    Comment: This is probably the fastest track on the record, it's kinda hard to categorize this one but.. I'm not gonna say that especially this one is bluesy because the whole record is pretty bluesy. Shortly said, this track is a kind of fast blues? Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, you gotta love the lyrics on this one.

    2.Pistol (03:44)
    Comment: Another bluesy track ;) but this one is a bit slower. The main ingredients in this song, I think, is the harmonica and the lyrics. The lyrics is about how wonderful 'his' girlfriend is. One of my favourite tracks on this record

    3.I Believe (02:45)
    Comment: Sorry, bluesy again :P The track is kinda swingy with lyrics that are kind of spiritual.

    4.Please Come Home (03:41)
    Comment: Please Come Home doesn't really fit in with the bluesy theme or with the other songs. This is more of a modern acoustic song, but still one of the greatest songs on the record though!

    5.Blood And Wine (01:59)
    Comment: A very bluesy track with very special lyrics. By far the worst track on the record, if you ask me. Still, it's a good song!

    6.Consider The Ravens (04:15)
    Comment: This one is very hard to categorize musically, at least for me. I think it's kinda bluesy too. The lyrics on this one is about a man that has debts to pay, and by turning to his faith, is hoping to be saved. Am I wrong? Another favourite track.

    7.Weary Saints (04:08)
    Comment: Weary Saints is more of a modern acoustic song with spiritual/religious lyrics. It's the second fastest track of the record. A good song but it's a bit too religious for my taste.

    8.Blanket of Ghosts (05:13)
    Comment: This is the slowest track of the record.
    I Don't really know how to describe or categorize this track. It's special because it doesn't really go with the other tracks in terms of speed and instruments used. For example they use the organ in this song. I would say this song is the 'ballad' of this record. It's the best track of the record in my opinion!

    NOTE: This is just my personal thoughts on this record, feel free to correct me on anything! (Spelling/grammar/categories etc.). Dustin has put together an awesome record with tracks that all differ from each other and all got their own beautiful characteristics.

    Simply put: AN AWESOME RECORD!