Best Doom-metal band in you country

  • only i can think of playing well is life's edge, lithuania.

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    • 26 Ene 2012, 0:53
    There are way too many bands to name from the U.S. "Best" is subjective, so I'm gonna go with Goatsnake. Up-and-coming bands I'd watch out for: Anhedonist (Seattle, WA), Begotten (San Francisco, CA), Bell Witch (Seattle, WA), Larvae (Oakland, CA), Lycus (Oakland, CA), Swamp Witch (Oakland/Central Valley, CA).

  • Here in Macedonia Потоп

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    • 30 Ene 2012, 21:07
    There are only 3-4 Doom Metal bands in my country, out of which I like Dormant Inferno and Bevar Sea

  • In Brazil... Lachrimatory and HellLight.

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  • In Russia it's definitely Forest Stream. Great band playing an atmospheric mix of black and doom. Highly recommended.

  • here in USA my favs would have to be Daylight Dies with Fall of Empyrean following right behind.

  • In Germany for me and my highly subjective judgement it is Ophis. Check them out. They are really not to fancy or in any way special, they are basically just doing a unbelievable good job in composing regular Death Doom. Fantastic.

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    • 17 Feb 2012, 20:22
    Here in Brazil,Mythological Cold Towers

    Fucking good

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    • 18 Feb 2012, 14:21
    My Silent Wake imo

    Give my band a look/listen if you find the chance! Face melting metal from the UK.
  • In Chile, I'd say Mar De Grises <3

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    • 25 Feb 2012, 14:37
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    • 25 Feb 2012, 23:07
    Mar De Grises is fucking amazing,a really must hear band.

  • c'mon in the u.k best doom it's got to be electric wizard surely

  • Placid Art

    Listen album trailer from Placid Art on this link.
    Placid Art is an Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal

  • In Russia it is Painful memories and Forest stream. Both are must hear bands.

  • Mexico

    Endless funeral
    Although in Mexico almost there aren't doom metal bands...
    Maligno is the most known

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    • 14 Abr 2012, 18:42
    In Ukraine - I Miss My Death

  • From Finland.. I'd say Swallow The Sun, Reverend Bizarre or Skepticism.

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    • 22 Abr 2012, 19:19
    Cult of Luna

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