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Líder: eheadache
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Creado el: 30 May 2006
The turning of the stars bring a time when my secrets can give you immortality
But when that time has passed, those fleeting minutes gone, the secret is worthless, until once again the stars...

Fresh is the stage name of UK-based drum and bass artist Dan Stein. He is one of the principal members of Bad Company, and has also released many singles individually. He is widely known for his talents as both a DJ and producer, and considered among the most popular and influential British junglists.

Fresh was one of the founders of the Bad Company record label, as well as more recent labels such as Dogs on Acid and Breakbeat Kaos (both of which he co-founded with Adam F).

Fresh has worked with artists ranging from Pet Shop Boys, DJ Shadow, Apollo 440 to Andy C and Grooverider.

Breakbeat Kaos is one of the biggest record labels in , and its recent release of Pendulum's debut album Hold your Colour sold over 100,000 copies making it the most successful album sold on an independent to date.

DJ Fresh has had his own tracks included on a number of high profile mixes including the recently released "Jungle Sound: The Bassline Strikes Back!" Andy C's "Nightlife III", DJ Hype's "Drum and Bass warfare", Goldie's "Drum and Bass classics" and more.

DJ Fresh's newest endeavor is his own album, "Escape from Planet Monday", featuring the already successful singles "The Immortal" and "X Project".

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