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Creado el: 3 May 2008
The main music orientation is industrial, noise, experimental, Gothic, electronic, post-rock, musique concrete, darkwave... and all genres that have dark sense.

Dark Scene is an organization calibrated to deal with underground music scene in Serbia and ExYu region. The main orientation is industrial, noise, gothic, death rock, experimental, electronic, darkwave, synth-pop, post-rock... and all bands that have dark sence. We will post announcements about some underground art, film, concert happenings and give you the links for rare music material. At this point we are working as a D:S blog and DIY record label followed by D:S blog. Enjoy, and hope to see you post something interesting too! Dark Scene managment meet us at our official forum: Dark:Scene forum and at our official blog: Dark:Scene blog,Myspace page,
If you want to learn more about the ExYu and Central European Industrial Rock & Dark music, please download & listen to this great 2part radio show (it's in English) where we talk about the scene and play some great stuff for you. Here are the links: Part 1 and Part 2 of the RZBDF Ex Yu region special. Enjoy and please leave us a comment.

You can also listen to Total War radio show
free radio with bands and projects of D:S .

Feel free to join the group and enjoy this type of music.

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