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Clique Girlz ~ Destinee & Paris ~ Ariel Moore ~ Sara Diamond ~ N.M.D. ~ All Clique Girlz Fans Unite!

We LOVE Clique Girlz!!!

This group is dedicated to the most awesome sugar coated pop/rock group of all time, Clique Girlz. :-)

This group is for ALL lovers of all things Clique Girlz related, past and present and future, including the girlz individual solo careers and spinoff groups including: Ariel Moore, Destinee & Paris, N.M.D. (No More Drama), and Sara Diamond. Let all Clique Girlz Fans Unite as one fan group!

Clique Girlz Music Video ~ Then I Woke Up:

Destinee & Paris ~ True Love Music Video:

Ariel Moore ~ Up against the Wall Music Video (fanmade):

No More Drama ~ Super Nova (live) Music Video:

Sara Diamond ~ Me and my girls Music Video:

Clique Girlz Official Myspace Page

This is the full-length album for Incredible which was only released in Japan.
The songs are in English, even though the packaging is in Japanese.

Here is the back:

Here is the front:

You can preview all the songs from the album here, however unless you are somehow able to purchase from the Japanese iTunes store you will need to find a physical copy of the CD... Your best bet I think would probably be on ebay. (make sure to verify you are getting the full length album and not the single.

A few of their songs and music videos can be purchased at itunes. Please be sure to support the girlz by buying their music whenever it is possible.

Also, if you enjoy dancing, be sure to check out my stepmania simfile for the song "How do You Like Me So Far?", which also will play on a memory stick on arcade In The Groove 2 machines.

Please message me if you would like me to give you links to the girlz unreleased music files.

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