Does anyone feel guilty about pirating?

    • dosske escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 13 Ago 2007, 16:30
    Nooooooooooooo... ;DDDD

  • same here if i like the artist i'll download the cd but then i'll go out n buy it cuz i wanna support the band. plus with the cd u get the booklet with lyrics and artwork which i love so....

  • NOOOOO i dont feel bad for downloading.
    and i only buy cds by less-known artist cause they always send thank you letters, stickers and autographs along. i like that. ill sell that shit on ebay when they get big.

  • I don't feel bad because I'll still go out and buy/order the CD if I like it. I have a thing where I want the CD, it's like it's confirming something for me [it makes no sense to me either :P ]. If I like the band I want to support them by buying their CDs. Where I live though, a lot of the music I like isn't found in stores so I have to do a lot of Amazon and E-bay ordering, which I pretty much save for getting on my birthday and xmas, so downloading just tides me over until I can get the album.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 11 Sep 2007, 5:40
    I don't If really like the artist though then I tend to go out and buy there albums anyway plus everyone does it now anyway so meh...

    • Pixieguts escribió...
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    • 1 Oct 2007, 14:49
    I used to download a lot of stuff from Limewire but really saw it as musical research and was mainly only downloading individual tracks rather than whole albums. Being a mad artist, I've never been able to afford buying lots of CDs and I resent commercial restrictions that keep people with less money from having access to the world's culture, which is a basic right, I think.

    Having said that, I have since discovered the vast world of independent music on the internet, a huge amount of which is generously offered by the artists for free download. I'd rather support real people making music than record companies and my music collection is nothing if not unique! Also love the surprises and freshness I find in the independent music scene. That's why I created Pixies Palace, where there is heaps of stuff to download for free and fully legal. I also highly recommend buying the albums of independent artists if you like them - they are often living quite impoverished lifestyles!

    Of course there is a lot of more mainstream music that I like to hear too and is ace for being able to do that on the various tag radio stations. Also great fun creating your own!

  • No. I only download songs to see if the albums are worth buying.

    • mrheigl escribió...
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    • 9 Oct 2007, 1:42
    Not at all...
    cuz if i really like the cd ill buy it >.<

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  • does the industry really think about it?..hail no!well..i live in the third world country.

    • bonekhan escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 14 Oct 2007, 19:52
    Not particularly. I try to support certain artists, especially new bands and the like. I have no qualms about it, though, because one person not downloading music doesn't make much of a difference. I'm too poor and love music too much to be able to stop downloading.

    • muddie08 escribió...
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    • 30 Oct 2007, 14:07
    Yes and no
    sownloading it illiagaly is best for finding new stuff cos u dont really no if its for you... when im addicted i know its time to buy it...
    i'll always get the CD even though i dont have a CD player ne more!

    • muddie08 escribió...
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    • 30 Oct 2007, 14:08
    Especialy living in australia... some CDs dont come out till a while later and having it ne ways is good untill its finally on our shelves

    • Odie- escribió...
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    • 2 Nov 2007, 13:17
    No. I can't find the cds that i want and they're very expensive here. Pirating is faster, cheaper, better. I love rapidshare and Dc++. That's all.

    Halüsinatif var mı?
    • empsy escribió...
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    • 11 Nov 2007, 23:18
    Not.. Totally agree with Odie.. xD

    I feel guilty only if i really really like their music...

  • nope,
    if i download something and love it i usually buy it after

  • I feel very bad about it, but i have no money for buying cd's.
    but i often get cd's as a present ^^

  • I feel very bad about it, but i have no money for buying cd's.
    but i often get cd's as a present ^^

    • peter-fm escribió...
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    • 4 Feb 2008, 15:33
    i download everything.. even if i don't know if i'm gonna like it..
    But i listen music on my ipod, i really don't know what i will have to do with cd's :S

  • Every once in a while, I daydream about the CD collection I would have if I bought everything single and cd I ever downloaded, and even though it's a wonderous thought...I still don't feel bad. If I like something enough, I go buy it anyways, but if I didn't have the opportunity to buy it (like really old CD's or songs) or it's just older in general I have no bad feelings. I don't know, I guess I don't care.

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    • JazzMidi escribió...
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    • 15 Feb 2008, 2:18
    no . . . not at all

  • no, never. the cd's here are too expensive and i cannot afford them. i would say half of the music i got here is downloaded (some from me, some from my friends), and another half is from our city library were we can lend cd's and then i rip it to my pc :D :)) i enjoy doing that, mmm... i don't have a single original cd. :)

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  • Nope.
    If I like something enough I'll buy it.
    And most of the vinyl I collect is kinda rare to find, which is my current passion.

  • No guilt at all. I mean if it weren't for downloading music instead of buying it, I never would have found any of the bands I listen to now. Also, it's the best way to find unreleased stuff, old EPs, demos, anything the band won't release. Any band that isn't on TV pretty much has to thank people like us for their entire fan base.

  • I never buy any CDs anymore. I don't feel guilty either because if I like an artist I go to their concerts more than once.

  • no, i support artists by attending shows & buying t-shirts. free the music!. a lot of my music i enjoy listening to could not be bought anywhere due to it being a demo or live version. i also pay $10/a month for eMusic for non piratable artists

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