Arise, Female Screamers!

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Creado el: 14 Sep 2009
The group for female screamer, grunters, roars etc. If you love them YOU will join

Are you interested in metal with screaming in it? Preferably woman?
Then this is the group for you!
We have the biggest artists in here like Arch Enemy with 18,000,000 plays. To small artists like Belle Gunness with less then a 1,000 plays.
There's currently 112 bands and if you've noticed there's not a lot of bands like you see on those other groups it's mostly METAL! x].
So if you like or even love female screamers please join!
Share with your friends.
And also if you want FREE female fronted metal songs just message me or tell me which song you want in the discussion area.
Alright, have fun and PLEASE JOIN!
Also, join these other groups to find out other female screamers:

Because Girls Can Scream Better!
Hardcore Girls
Female Fronted Hardcore

Top FFMB Plays:

1. Arch Enemy - 18,000,000+
2. Flyleaf - 11,000,000+
3. Walls of Jericho - 4,000,000+
4. Kittie - 3,000,000+
5. Otep - 2,000,000+
6. Jack Off Jill - 2,000,000+
7. Bikini Kill - 2,000,000+
8. In This Moment - 1,000,000+
9. Circle Takes the Square - 1,000,000+
10. Arkona - 1,000,000+
11. Iwrestledabearonce - 100,000+
12. The Agonist - 900,000+
13. Light This City - 700,000+
14. Abigail Williams - 600,000+
15. My Ruin - 600,000+
16. Eths - 600,000+
17. wecamewithbrokenteeth - 500,000+
18. exist†trace - 500,000+
19. Holy Moses - 300,000+
20. Rolo Tomassi - 300,000+


Bands That I Can Not Add:
(because they don't have plays)
"Perfume of Darkness"
"Satan's Vault Company"

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