• The concept of #ffa and #pfk

    21 Nov 2014, 20:46 de Slaggprodukt

    The concept of Forced Futuristic Art and #PFK ( #ffa )
    The artist life.


    Did you hear that? Did you read that? Did you get noticed? Maybe.

    Clouds of #ffa
    Clouds of #ffa
    Then again, maybe not.

    True clouds of #FFA
    True clouds of #FFA
    Did you get a comment? Maybe. Then again; maybe not.

    Did you get a like? Mabye. Then again; maybe not.

    Still, you and I as artists keep creating.

    And here is the thing. In Sweden, there is a concept of city goverment. The court system. And other instances that register and keep track of all that is part of their responsibilty. And that is a lot. All that you write, all that you turn in is mostly available for anyone to take part of. To get a copy of. To get a explanation. To notice.


    This is why Forced Futuristic Art works. I use a USB stick. Or a CD. Or a DVD. Or paper. Any media will really do. I put my art on this media. I turn it into the court or the tax office or whatever. They have to register it. And if it is a text file they have to read it. Will they understand the art? Maybe. Maybe not. Is it registered? Yes. Can I myself get it back? Yes. Can anyone get it back or look into it? Yes.


    They will take part of my art. They have to. It is forced. It is futuristic. It is art. Since I call it art.

    The trailers to Sadoschoccck? Part of #ffa and #pfk

    The trailer to The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky? Part of #ffa and #pfk

    The upcoming screening of Sadoschocck? Yes, it will also be part of #ffa and #pfk


    The rule in Sweden is to keep all documents at least 5 years. I twice (2) got all my documents from Västerås. From 2008 until 2014. Also twice (2) from Södertälje from 2014. In 2018 there is an election year. There will be more to tell. I will again, choose to get all my documents from Västerås and from Södertälje. All will be part of #ffa and promo material for a performance, a movie, a short film, a photo session or some art related activity. And the thing is, I have the right to get all the material out. It may cost around 500-1000 krona but it will be art. It will be used. And you will take part of it. Or the tax agency. For another five years…

    Then a pause. 2022? Election year… Time for more #ffa

    A ongoing concept.

    My name is Pries Verhon. Or Dr Soledaro Orlovsky.

    This is Sadoschoccck (part of #FFA )

    Next: The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky.

    Get drawn into it. Or not. But the court will get drawn into it. The tax agency. They have to. It is so. #PFK

    Sadoschocck in sadoscocccpoc
    Sadoschocck in sadoscocccpoc
    Onwards. To Sadoschoccck. The little garden.

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  • Sadoschock behind the scenes

    8 Ene 2014, 11:09 de Slaggprodukt

    Me explaining "Sadochock" for the media, performing as Pries Verhon. Not a trailer, more of an extra for the upcoming DVD or Blueray release.
  • Sadochok Theatrical trailer

    11 Dic 2013, 18:43 de Slaggprodukt

    The first theatrical trailer for ”Sadochok” - A feature film in the making dedicated to Lina Romay and Jess Franco.

    I am still looking for actresses who are interested in taking part in this film,both starring as Jessica and Freskö. Also looking for actors willing to perform as Dr. Orlovsky in this film.
  • A passionate plea

    30 Jul 2012, 0:20 de musinum

    I am sending this out to all groups to which I belong. It is not about music, but it is about the world we all live in. It's aimed particularly at my American friends and co-members, but because of America's unique position in the world, it affects everyone and the kind of world we'll all be living in for a long time.

    Group leaders, it's up to you whether you treat this as spam, or post it. I try my best never to spam, but I feel so strongly about this that I'm willing to take the chance.

    I hope that as artists and appreciators of music and other arts, and as people who think and feel for themselves, the majority of us here can appreciate the historic importance of Barack Obama's election to the American Presidency, and the efforts he continues to make (against a very entrenched opposition who represent the interests of the rich and powerful) to make life more livable for the ordinary citizens of the United States and for the rest of the world as well.

    Perhaps some of us who cheered his election four years ago are disappointed that he has not been able to completely transform the world in the ways we had imagined, but as someone who has been involved in social causes for half a century, I can tell you that nothing comes quickly or easily. What is important is the fight and the day-to-day effort.

    I expect that a number of you see the world in exactly the opposite terms, and that an even larger number are not involved in politics and perhaps haen't given a lot of thought to the upsoming election. (I'm speaking primarily to the Americans among you here. Every country has its own issues and its own struggles, and there are brave and hard-working citizens in many countries fighting oppression that we Americans can scarcely imagine!) But what is at stake here is nothing less than the kind of country we will live in for many years to come.

    The message of the right is that if we take care of the rich and privileged, that the crumbs that fall from their table will eventually feed the rest of us. If that doesn't seem right to you, it may be because that particular social experiment was given an extensive trial thru the Reagan administration and thru Bush father and son. The result was disaster.

    What happened was exactly what you might expect when all the safeguards that were built into the system over the years to protect the rest of us from the abuses of money and power, and from greed and corruption, were systematically dismantled. The top tax rate is a small fraction of what it was fifty years ago, and we are being asked to lower it even further, at the price of cutting the services that most first-world countries take for granted: the social safety net, affordable health care, funds for education, care for the environment... the list goes on and on.

    The President has manged to get a good start at pulling this country back from the cliff it was about to fall over... but we are being asked to roll back all that progress and go back to the same things that got us in this mess in the first place. It is as if arsonists have set your house on fire, and then when the firemen are attempting to fight the flames with water, suggesting that we pour on gasoline instead!

    To those of my felliow Americans who feel as I do and want to help, I have set up a grassroots fundraising site with the ambitious goal of $5,000 for the Obama campaign. Any amount helps! My site is here:

    Thanks you,

    Tim Doyle
  • [My Gang] Trail of Dead - Summer Of All Dead Souls : Reco of the Week 08 Feb 11

    8 Feb 2011, 20:03 de Babs_05

    Track: Summer of All Dead Souls [ Soundcloud full stream ]
    Artist: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    Album: Tao of the Dead (Superball Music, 7 Feb 11) [ We7 | Spotify | mflow ]
    Tags: , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, audio upload

    I think the Trail of Dead boys have given us the best album of their career. As much loved and wroughtly worked previous albums were, this one, which was pulled together in next to no time, has all the magic.

    For me, the magic peaks in this single, Summer of All Dead Souls, originally released last November.

    It's upbeat, fast and loud. Fuzzy proggy guitars and relentless drums nod to their heroes Pink Floyd and take it from there.
    Unlike the melodically meandering, slow building tracks the band has become known for, "Summer of All Dead Souls" gets straight to the point with rolling drums, a driving bass lick, and big electric guitar that shifts from hard staccato strums to riffs with an outer-space effect. Its lyrics are about the global economic situation and "the haves and the have-nots," says Keely. "[It's] inspired by a documentary I saw about China, or, as they're calling it these days, Chimerica. It illustrated the ongoing struggle between the third world and the first world."

    "The dead souls will pull you down," Keely and multi-instrumentalist Jason Reece, the band's founders, scream on the track. "Will pull you down!!!" (Spin)

    Instead of the usual six in the line up, the band pared down to just four; and instead of labouring over each composition, they completed the entire project in just ten days, working with Chris "Frenchie" Smith (behind their 1998 debut) and Chris Coady (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

    'Tao Of The Dead' is their first concept album, falling in two parts and in two keys. The first is in D, the second in F. The first comprises of eleven tracks, the second is one track of six movements. They wanted to recreate the experience of listening to earlier albums on vinyl where there's no break between tracks and music flows from one song to the next.

    There are passing references to their loves Pink Floyd, especially Dark Side of the Moon, Yes's Relayer and Close to the Edge and Rush's Hemispheres. They still want to shout but the youngsters with a point to make are long gone. As artists, they have matured over the course of their seventeen year career without losing sight of where they started. So what we have is a near perfect album that comes entirely from gut instinct and solid experience.

    For me, there is a lot of beauty in the sixteen minute second part, culminating in 'Strange Epiphany' which comes in around the 11 minute mark. Like 'Summer Of All Dead Souls', it's fast and loud but to a lesser degree, mirroring and acting like a shadow of the big track.

    Despite the fact the album was pulled together in less than a fortnight, it's rich in detail. There are noodles to space out to and bubbles of density that go by too fast. On repeat just isn't enough. This album is going to take time to get to know.

    The artwork began in frontman Conrad Keely's childhood too. The Tao of the Dead's CD booklet will feature the first 16 panels of his upcoming graphic novel.
    "It will hopefully be out shortly after the album. Some of it ties into the record. It's a science fiction story that's set in a steampunk milieu, aesthetically, and involves flying ships. It's an introduction to the world that I've been working on since I was a kid. I've been developing a novel around it, too, but that is going to take years of development."

    The name, Tao of the Dead, is taken from the classic Chinese text, Tao Te Ching. Tao means 'way', so the album title would loosely translate as "The Way of the Dead".

    (Source: MySpace)

    Further reading:

    Spin - interview
    Official site
    BBC review


    - My Gang

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    My Gang Reco of The Week

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    (Source: MySpace)

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  • [My Gang] Neil Young – Angry World : Reco of the Week 21 Sept 2010

    21 Sep 2010, 22:09 de Babs_05

    Track: Angry World
    Artist: Neil Young
    Album: Le Noise (28 Sept 2010)
    Tags: , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, official video

    Angry world. Got that right. Used to be a Mad World. Now it's an angry one.

    Suitably aggressive, dirgey, sludgy guitar noise that, like Grinderman, is perfectly controlled without seeming so. There are no drums. There's no band either. Production is super-polished with all the jagged edges coming from intense electro/acoustic guitars. Despite the title, it doesn't leave you feeling angry, just fascinated at how they created those sounds.

    The video was shot by visual artist Adam CK Vollick in producer Daniel Lanois's home.

    The album is streaming in full at NPR this week, ahead of release. The distorted guitars feature throughout. The absence of drums calms the music down. Downtempo and contemplative, for noise rock, it's pretty soothing.

    Probably "NSFW" is The Hitchhiker (YouTube official video) with its references to every drug going.

    (Photo: MySpace)

    Old school though he may be, the new album will be available for purchase on iTunes, CD, and vinyl, and later in November it will be available in Blu-ray and as a free iPhone and iPad app which will have an interactive album cover. If this is what Neil Young is doing with his new album, one can only begin to imagine what Radiohead might have up their sleeve for theirs.

    As a side note, apparently he only recorded on nights when there was a full moon. There's a full moon this week. No wonder he wrote about an angry world and was able to take those guitars to another level.


    - My Gang

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  • new Tears Run Rings music video - Divided

    24 Sep 2010, 17:31 de beams

  • new Tears Run Rings music video - Divided

    24 Sep 2010, 17:30 de beams

  • [My Gang] The Besnard Lakes – Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent Pt. 1+2 : Reco of…

    7 Sep 2010, 14:46 de Babs_05

    Track: Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent Pt. 1: The Ocean (1:39)
    and Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent Pt. 2: The Innocent (7:15)
    Artist: The Besnard Lakes
    Album: The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night
    Tags: , , , , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, audio upload

    When I first heard The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night back in March, I posted excited tweets in Twitter, quoting from some of the lyrics. Then I didn't spend any more time with it. There are so many music sites streaming brand new albums in full, I find myself racing to keep up every week. Sounds brilliant, but I'm starting to miss my old habit of nursing an album till I know every note.

    Something I've always done is follow my nose. I have cravings for music like other people do for chocolate. This year, time and again, I found myself craving this album and in particular, these two opening tracks. They're droney and quite loud but at the same time, almost unbearably beautiful and uplifting.

    Part 1 is instrumental, barely audible to begin with, slowly rising to swirling echoes of strange sounds and guitars and distant voices, a wall of sound climbing at a grand, measured pace. There is no break and the track moves straight to Part 2.

    The second part is where the song is and where the crunchy guitars take over. It's epic in scale with layers touching on every level, from dark and light, calm and high drama, heavy drones and blissful heights. All the while, the same measured pace, trudging and grounded, providing further contrast to the lush harmonies and high vocals.

    Different reviewers pick different tracks from this album to highlight. Allmusic has chosen the next two, lead single Albatross, Chicago Train and the last one, The Lonely Moan.

    The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night is their third album and, for me, their strongest. It dazzles with points of light that blaze through the dark, whereas the previous two focus more on darkness.

    I have to post this fluffy bit of Adrian Mole from YouTube:
    The Besnard Lakes, the Montreal collective fronted by husband-and-wife duo Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek, has returned, crafting a majestic, sprawling vision of guitar bombast and captivating pop experiments.
    On March 9th of 2010 (March 8th in the UK), Jagjaguwar will release The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night, a twisting chronicle of spies, double agents, novelists and aspiring rock gods turned violent. Loyalty, dishonor, love, and hatred are all seen through the eyes of two spies, communicating through short wave in code and fighting a war that may or may not be real.

    The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night was recorded at Laseks Breakglass Studios with a vintage 1968 Neve germanium mixing console used to record portions of Led Zeppelins Physical Graffiti. The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night is a dark bliss-out that folds the eerie guitar epics of the bands breakthrough, The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse, into a wall of affected drones and atmospherics. The toughened immediacy and grit that gives the form a much-needed shove over the cliffs makes for a haunting, provocative swan dive into the crushing tide.

    The husband and wife team each take a different approach to songwriting. His songs are about the retired spy who is now a musician. Hers are based on personal experience. In delivery, his voice is high-pitched, recalling artists such as Supertramp, whose music also seems to inform this album. Hers reminds me a lot of Isobel Cambell. But where Cambell's voice is the fairy tale next to Mark Lanegan's whisky-soaked growl, Goreas's voice acts as a ballast to the even higher voice of her husband.

    This album is one of the contenders for my end of year top ten. There's only one criterion and that is: do I wake up craving it.

    Further reading:
    Wikipedia - The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night (with links to reviews)
    Metacritic score: 80/100
    The Quietus review


    - My Gang

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  • Tears Run Rings - Forgotten - mp3 & video

    22 Jul 2010, 20:41 de beams

    Tears Run Rings have released the downloadable single Forgotten in anticipation of their new album Distance which will arrive on Clairecords August 24th 2010.

    The mp3 can be downloaded on their Facebook Page.

    * * *

    For fans of...[
    Beach House, Radio Dept, New Order, Pia Fraus, The Fauns, Air Formation, Pale Saints, Moose, Wild Nothing, The Emerald Down, The Daysleepers, Auburn Lull, Ride, Airiel, Secret Shine, Felt, The Jasmine Minks