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The group to find interesting journals on Last.fm

Welcome to "Interesting journals on Last.fm", the library of Last.fm

Here you will find interesting journals, separated in specific sections, that might otherwise not get noticed. Please feel free to recommend interesting journals (even if they're not your own) to add. We'll read through them and if they pass muster they'll get added. For now all the journals will be shown on this overview but once we have enough content they will get divided into separate threads (maybe there will even be a rant-section ^_^).

Disclaimer: All the opinions stated in the journals are not necessarily mine (or any of the group's members), so if you have a different opinion please use the comment-box on that journal to express them.

The categories are:

About Last.fm (best practices)
Radios that scrobble live and other good stuff in Last.fm (by Babs_05) "Work in progress, I'll add to this as I go along. Assistance welcome!"
How to export your data (to Spotify) (by Alainn) Want to find out how to export all that precious data on your (or anybody else's) profile? Want to import it into something like Spotify? Have a nice read even if it's still a bit of work-in-progress.
Need Your Music Fix Now? Here's The Alternatives (by CrybKeeper) A list of alternatives to Last.fm, some can be used to scrobble the tracks.
Tutorial: How To Get Back Your Playlists And Loved Tracks (a work around) (by CrybKeeper)
Tutorial: How to Play the Songs in Full Demand (by CrybKeeper)
What Is Last.fm Free Music Player? (by CrybKeeper) Background info on the Last.fm Free Music Player.
The Big Powerplay Campaign Rip-off (by CrybKeeper) Observations on Last.fm's Powerplay Campaign system.
LastFM: Why Musicians Need To Join (by CrybKeeper)
How To Give Your Facebook Wall With Last.FM Recently Played ? (by rayculz) I don't use Facebook but this looks handy.
How good are Last.fm's recommendations? (by temujin1234) A good review of Last.fm's recommendations (the main reason we're here). It would be interesting to read how the combination of the extra pages (and results per tag) in combination with Spotify work for him. Something for a follow-up?
Mix Radio - Is it any good? (by temujin1234) How good is Mix Radio to find new music?
Last.fm's "hidden" features (by Alainn) A list with all the hidden features on Last.fm.

last.fm figures + errors (by Erkan-Yilmaz) Observations on listeners and their stats.
All time charts and other lists - Oct/Nov 2010 Edition: Introduction. (by Egg21) The introduction and overview of test results done by Egg21 on Last.fm data.
All time charts and other lists part 6: Top 1000 list for listeners. (by Egg21) This is the list with the Top 1000 artists of all time (cut-off date april 2010) instead of Last.fm's version that goes by this month.

Long (but interesting) lists
Last.fm Radio/URL Guide (by Joffi222) How to listen to the group radio without having to be at the Last.fm site
Undiscovered Groups (by red-green-blue) Done on 11 Sep 2008 so it's not completely up to date anymore but some interesting names.
Join some groups (by red-green-blue) A list of groups divided by interest done in 2008. I'll ask him if he still updates this.
Join Some Groups (Pt. 2) (by red-green-blue) An alphabetical list of groups from 2008.
Animals (by red-green-blue) A very short list of tracks connected to animals, definitely needs some more comments with suggestions.
Tag Browser (by red-green-blue) Tags separated by interest.

Artist Reviews

Album Reviews

Music Year Reviews
My Favourite Albums of 2010 (by Afront) A year-review of 2010, half of these I don't know and they're all on Spotify.
2010 overview in grind, sludge, and nicer music (by zmajeee) I like these year-lists on a specific genre/tag.

Music Discoveries
Most Listened Mexican Artists At Last.fm (by unddercharlezz) Want to discover Mexican artists but don't know where to begin? Give these artists a try.
South Asian classical & traditional music (by klimaz) "Here are all the streamable Indian classical artists I've found so far at last.fm"
Indie & Unsigned-The Latest Music Trend, Or Industry On The Mend? (by CrybKeeper) So, who are these artists on the verge of being famous in music today and doing it all on their own?
i s o l a t i o n i s m (by Phaneron) A deeper look at artists connected to .
1500+ songs from betterPropaganda.com in one streamable playlist, mostly Indie (by YolalaIndie) Title says it all.
Epitonic's 1500+ legal IndieRock songs as m3u-playlist (by YolalaIndie) Remember Epitonic?
Variety is the Spice Girls of Life (by beelzbubba) How can I not add a journal with a title like that?
How I Arrived Here and Where I'm Going (by Electric_Turtle)

Music Background
Bedroom DJs (by skeleandmole) A summary of DJ/turntablists techniques, check youtube for video-examples of the terms used (you can't go wrong when it's combined with DJ QBert)
Famous Musicians Who Died Too Young (Dead Before Their Time) (by thomas10) A list of musicians who died before the age of 56.

Music Business
Gerd Leonhard on The Future Of The Music Business (by ANTIQCOOL) Gerd Leonhard has some interesting ideas and practical business models which would allow independent artists to flourish in the musical landscape of the future.
The Antiqcool Music Business Model How YOU can be a part of OUR success (by ANTIQCOOL) How you can support Creative Commons-artists and enjoy music.

I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding... (by elemento) On music appreciation.
Do Film Scores Get the Credit That They Deserve? (by AngryFish) How well do you know Quincy Jones?

Life Observations
YA GOTTA LOVE "EM... (by johnTMcNeill) "You bring a dog home from the pound- cute feller- full of life- glad to be at your house- makes himself right at home." (I need to add more of your stuff. If I forget just remind me)

Perl script:a help to check for the 3 day rule

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  • khvlid

    Interesting group.

    12 Jun 2014 Responder
  • Alainn

    @johnTMcNeill: As long as it's a good read I'll add it, anything's better then those "bands I've seen live"-journals. @temujin1234: Added and also "Mix Radio - Is it any good?" since I never use Last.fm's radio ^_^

    6 Mar 2011 Responder
  • temujin1234

    This list of radio urls is a bit old (no mix radio, which is what I was looking for when I found it) but still useful.

    5 Mar 2011 Responder
  • johnTMcNeill

    sorry- I got all excited then realized that you were talking about journals that are discussing Lastfm and music. I have many of those, but I kinda wander off the reservation and into unknown territory sometimes- I have an opinion on just about everything....ya'll carry on...:)

    2 Mar 2011 Responder
  • Alainn

    Just found out that there's still a reading section with recommended journals: http://www.last.fm/home/reading

    27 Feb 2011 Responder
  • Alainn

    Thanks, for now it needs more content so I'm working hard on that (going through people journals and reading them takes a lot of time). These are the ones I had constantly open and didn't just want to add them to my bookmarks otherwise I'd just forget about them.

    14 Feb 2011 Responder
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for adding mine. I'll be sure to pass on good journals as I find them. :)

    14 Feb 2011 Responder
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