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WMP stopped scrobbling

  • WMP stopped scrobbling

    WMP crashed, and when I opened it back up, it wouldn't scrobble any of my tracks. Anyone else have this problem?

    hey howdy
  • Are the plugins enabled within the media player?

    Sometimes, you may find that plugins are installed, but aren't scrobbling due to them being disabled. As such there are some player specific items you will need to check.

    Windows Media Player: Open up WMP, and go to Tools > Plug-Ins > Options. In the new pop-up window, select "Background" in the list to the left, and then ensure that the checkbox to the left of " Plugin" has a tick in it.

    Windows Media Player 11: Go to the menu Now Playing > Plug-ins > Other. Please ensure that the checkbox next to " Plugin" is ticked.

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    • 21 Abr 2012, 16:15
    stop using wmp ;p

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