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Ipod won't scrobble! (Itunes & latest client)

    • born2roll escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 24 Mar 2012, 19:59

    ipod scrobbling issue

    my scrobbles are also inconsistant. some things are scrobbled from my ipod, others aren't.
    i manually manage my ipod.
    when i choose the manual option under "diagnostics/ipod scrobbling" in, it is not saved. when is opened again it is set to "itune automatically manages my ipod".
    how can i save this setting?! i'm hoping it would solve my scrobbling problem.

    i don't want my ipod to sync automatically.

    • vjl escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 25 Mar 2012, 19:08
    I use Bowtie to scrobble my iTunes plays, but after listening to tracks on my iPod Shuffle which is manually managed [i want specific playlists from it and can't fit 60GB of music on the shuffle!], I'd like to scrobble my plays from it as well, without interfering with my already working iTunes scrobbling system. Sadly, I never knew it was possible to scrobble after the fact, so I never knew to look for something that would work when I plug my Shuffle into iTunes. Can the official client be told *only* to scrobble data from iPods that are hooked up to iTunes, and to never scrobble from iTunes itself?

  • The 'Last listened to'-song is constantly replaced by the 'Currently listening to'-song..

    • vjl escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 25 Mar 2012, 22:47

    ScrobblePod works...

    For those who manually manage their iPod [like I do with my Shuffle], I found a solution that has worked for me - ScrobblePod. Free Mac app [source code is available and so there may be a windows version too], which successfully scrobbled my Shuffle's listened-to tunes from earlier today and this past week. Since I already use a menubar app to scrobble from iTunes, I simply open and quit ScobblePod when I am going to charge/sync my iPod Shuffle so that way I don't have it and Bowtie double-scrobbling.

    • 2fs escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 20 Abr 2012, 2:58

    ScrobblePod doesn't seem to work...

    vjl: It was your post that led me to download ScrobblePod - I'm in a similar situation in that I manually manage my iPod (too much music on my iTunes) but want my iPod's plays scrobbled as well.

    However, as of right now, ScrobblePod is generating notices that it's scrobbling 1000+ songs (the last several days' worth of plays before re-syncing w/iTunes)..but it hasn't *actually* scrobbled any of them: they don't show on, and ScrobblePod's history shows "0"... I've authorized ScrobblePod on - is there something I'm missing here? I have configured ScrobblePod NOT to wait until the iPod's synced... Any hints?

  • Mine isn't working either! I've been listening to music all day and now none of my songs have been scrobbled. It's really frustrating because I've only been on LastFm for a few days....
    But then I tried playing a song on my Ipod and scrobbling it, and it worked. But it didn't find any other songs I had listened to today. I heard some people say theirs have shown up a few days later, do you think thats possible? Or are they gone permanently? Did I wait too long from the time when I played them on my Ipod and when I tried to scrobble them?

    • d3hm escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 27 Abr 2012, 17:31

    Scrobblepod doesn't work anymore :(

    I used Scrobblepod to scrobble plays from Apple TV. Too bad it's not working anymore. I hope or the Scrobblepod developers can do something about it. I can't find another solution to scrobble from Apple TV.

    • kbn04 escribió...
    • Suscriptor
    • 29 Abr 2012, 11:07
    Not working for me either. It used to scrobble from my ipod/ipad fine, then I switched to the new beta client. I used that for a little while but when it was giving me a problem of not scrobbling tracks from iTunes that I listened to on repeat, I switched back to the old desktop client and it hasn't scrobbled any of my plays from my ipad or my ipod.

    Edit: I think I fixed it by clearing the user associations and plugging in the ipod again like a new device... Third time I tried this, didn't work the first two times, but I think/hope it fixed the problem this time.

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