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The Dandy Warhols' tagging mess

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    • 1 May 2012, 1:31

    The Dandy Warhols' tagging mess

    Hey admins,

    The album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia by The Dandy Warhols has a problem with its tags. There are two copies of the album on under what would seem like identical tags, but if you look at the URL, there is a + sign in one of them:

    The songs on the album randomly scrobble to either one. If they scrobble to the extra + sign one, the album art will not show up in the "Recently Played Tracks", plus it creates a separate entry in my library for it, while looking almost identical.

    My tags are correct, and I've tried it with both iTunes and the Universal Scrobbler, just to get the same results. I'm also definitely not the one this problem. I deleted all the extra + sign scrobbles from my library, but I've seen them in other people's libraries.

    Can someone please fix this and get rid of the blank white extra + sign one?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Both those album links point to the same album (with the same ID in our system). We'll need to see this issue in a library before we can investigate what's happened.

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